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One of the added bonuses of my job is forming real friendships with my couples. Watching them grow into families, and more often than not…getting to document their milestones through the years. Jennings was a friend before my love of photography grew into a career, so photographing her isn’t just like photographing an old friend…it’s the real deal. She’s someone I grew up with, hung out at middle school dances with ( wow..do I even remember middle school?!), and now share a passion for photography with. I know what you’re thinking…I recognize that laugh. Yep, she’s shown up on this blog a few times over the past year. Who could forget her southern beach wedding with a reception to end all receptions?

Not only did she become a wife in 2010..she became a business owner. I love seeing friends follow their passions & Jennings is really putting her heart into her photography. Her sweet hubby Brennen gave her a one-on-one session with me as a birthday present & we spent the better part of a Saturday talking shop & creating a business plan for her. We focused on establishing her look, finding her niche, resources to help take things to the next level, and even did a live edit of a few of her recent images. There’s so much to love about Jennings. She’s carving her own path & focusing on all the right things. Being true to herself, her art & her clients. I love the authenticity of her work…she’s not trying to be anyone else. All of my photographer friends out there would agree..that’s hard to find these days. At one point during our session we were discussing her wedding pictures & I mentioned how much I love the image of her & her dad laughing together in the hotel room before the ceremony. As I told her what I loved about that image ( the fact that you can almost hear them laughing..) I watched her eyes well up with tears. It was one of those moments where it all comes full circle & you realize how precious even the smallest moments are. It made me see how perfect she is for this job. Her clients are lucky to have someone with such a huge heart photographing them. Big things are on the horizon for this southern gal, and she knows I’m here to help anytime she needs a word of encouragement..

Sooo.. ( if you’re still with me, you deserve a medal ) the day of our one-on-one, we got a little surprise… in the form of a major snowstorm. Well, major for the south…around here school closes at the first sight of a snowflake, so 4-5 inches is considered a blizzard :) Jennings & I were so wrapped up in shoptalk, we didn’t look out the window until it was time to start shooting & there was a bonafide winter wonderland outside. Aside from almost killing my gear ( I don’t recommend shooting in the snow without a water housing, btw..) it was one of my most memorable sessions to date. Jennings decided to make it a sisters shoot, so she had her sis Bennette join us. These two are so close…I love the connection they share. Thanks for the laughs, ladies…xoxo.

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  1. OH how fitting is it that I am the first comment?!? Kellie, Kellie, Kellie, you got me crying again just reading your extremely thoughtful blog notes! THANK YOU for everything you have done for me, it was a record of shoots with Kellie Kano in 2010, 4!!!! (Engagement, Bridal, Wedding, and 1 on 1) I sit here in my meeting room in Greenville, SC by myself, not wanting to leave with the employees cleaning up all around me, because I can’t leave my computer screen in awe over the blog! Thank you again, and I look forward to the months and years to come as your friend and my mentor! And a BIG thank you to my sweet husband, Brennen, for loving my passion as much as I do & believing in me! With much love, Jennings!

  2. Kellie, you truly have been blessed with a servants heart, my sweet friend. Thank you for continuing to
    Inspire us all in the photographic community and Jennings, I’m sure you will go far! :) :)

  3. KELLIE!! I love these! Man it really shows how much fun we all had! Even though it was tough on the camera, the snow looks beautiful! They are all so great! Thank you so much for letting me participate. Can’t wait to order them! Hopefully there will be something soon where we can do it again. Bennette

  4. Stop it! I am so close to my Sister so I really appreciate this and cant wait to show her! Treasure pix for your friend! If I didnt cry so much about idol last night–I’d be crying too!

  5. Awesome pics.

  6. Wow, girls, this is such a great posting and such beautiful pictures! I love that I know what fun you all were having because I got to experience it first hand at your Pawleys session! Keep up the great work!

  7. Yes – yes – yes!

  8. Nothing like sisterly love! :) I just love your gift. You’re amazing Kellie…you truly are :)

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