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You know that feeling when you meet someone for the first time & it feels like you’ve met before? Like you were friends in a past life? That’s exactly what happened when I met Ashley & Matt last year. We hit it off from the minute they walked in the studio, and after talking for an hour about the vision they had for their wedding day, I knew they were a perfect fit for me. They have been together since high school & I’m pretty sure Ashley has been planning their wedding since the moment she met Matt in band class :) He’s a lucky guy…she’s one of the most genuinely sweet gals you’ll ever meet and made such a stunning bride! I was surprised to find out that Matt had the cutest head full of curls during his high-school years. He might kill me if I post pics, but I for one want to see the curls make a comeback ;)

The history these two share made their wedding day so special. I LOVED that they booked me for an extra hour of portraits at the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Raleigh. The snuggle pic below is one of my new favorites. You’ll be seeing it on the wedding site soon. Here’s a few highlights from their day….Happy Friday everyone!

Dress: Watters & Watters
Make-up: Jenny Raele
Flowers: Fresh Affairs
Ties: The Tie Bar
Graphic Design: Melissa Spivey with Graphically Inclined
Cake: Ashley Cakes



My assistant Katie’s shot:




















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  1. Lovely work! Loving the intimate shots of the couple together.

  2. that last shot is sublime!

  3. You are absolutely incredible. I think you’ve had someone say this before, but it goes – I REALLY need to come up with more creative words for how ROCKIN your work is :)

  4. Kellie & Katie — You worked so hard on our wedding day and we truly appreciate it!! The pictures are absolutely stunning and they bring back such wonderful memories :) Thank you so much! We can’t wait for the full gallery!!

  5. AHHHH these pictures are so gorgeous! What a beautiful wedding, and I don’t think it could have been captured any better than in these photos right here!

  6. Great pics!!! What an awesome couple!

  7. Ashley! You look so stunning. These pictures are beautiful. Best wishes to you in your new life together.

  8. Love the flowers by Fresh Affairs! The pics are gorgeous!

  9. Wow! Absolutely gorgeous images!!!

  10. Gorgeous! I especially love the last one!

  11. BEAUTIFUL!!!! My absolute favorite ones were of the “first look,” especially when Ashley is coming up behind him. These pics rock!!

  12. Beautiful photos! Looks like a fun time!

  13. I’m Matt’s mom and I love these pictures! I see a new “favorite” on practically each one. I still love the “first look” and the look on Matt’s face. I agree Ashley is a stunning bride and that Matt is a very lucky guy!

  14. Brought tears to my eyes. There are some special moments caught that i am sure that they will treasure for years to come!!!!

  15. These pictures are awesome on my I- phone!
    Mr & Mrs Harris, you are beautiful.

  16. these pictures are fabulous!!! i love the way they capture your emotions. matt and ashley, you two are adorable. these pictures really are great! good luck with everything:)

  17. These pictures are amazing Ashley!!! So happy for you and Matt :)

  18. What an awesome photographer you are! The pictures are beautiful!

  19. Love these pictures!! My favorites are when you meet before the ceremony and when you walking back down the aisle. They are beautiful and really capture the moment. Also, great idea on taking more pictures at the hotel. They really came out nice too. Congrats!

  20. These photos are stunning!!!!!! I only know Ashley from The Nest/Knot and looking at these pics brought tears to my eyes!! Wonderful!

  21. Ashley!! These photos are amazing! I’ve been dying to see them since we first got to see your “first look” photos… she did a great job!!!

  22. Beautiful work. These will be treasured for generations.

  23. Your pictures are lovely!

  24. OMG Ash!! You look absolutely gorgeous! Your photographer did such an amazing job of you two and I know the rest of the pics are even more amazing!

  25. Kellie what an awesome job of capturing the emotions of such a special day! As the mother of the bride, it is difficult to choose a favorite, but the “first look” pic is a classic!!!

  26. Awesome, Ash! So happy for you to have these incredible pics. Kudos to Kellie for making every moment look so extraordinary through her lens! The last one is goose-bump worthy!

  27. LOVEEE the pictures. I’m from The Knot too :) Really love the black and white ones in the middle, so simplistic yet so beautiful!

  28. Kellie – Your work is always so lovely! What a beautiful couple – it’s nice to put faces to Ashley and Matt’s names after working on their programs and invitations. Congrats you guys! Very happy for you!

  29. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! I love the picture of your dad.

  30. wow! beautiful picture ashley! you have a stunning smile!

  31. I love the “reveal” shot!!!

  32. Loved the pic’s. Well worth the wait and Ashley who in the world did your hair?!!!!

  33. These photo’s are beautiful!!!! It really said “LOVE”….

  34. Ashley, I LOVE your pics! What a beautiful momento of your wonderful day! Congrats!

  35. The pictures are absolutely beautiful!!

  36. OMGosh! These are beautiful! They are going to be awesome to have to constantly look back over thru the years and remember your special day. Thxs for letting me be a part of it.

  37. Gorgeous photos Ashley!! I love the classic black and white mixed with the sort of modern photos as well. The one of you guys standing in front of the 2 colorful squares is one of my favorites – so unique! Stunning!

  38. Ashley and Matt – Sometimes photographs don’t capture the real life beauty of a moment like this but these do! They are both interesting and timeless as well as beautiful! Congratulations to you both!

  39. What a wonderful way to see Ashley and Matt’s wedding from afar. These two are very special and these pictures are just show the beginning of how stunning their lives will be.

  40. Kelie, these are fantastic shots. You made my daughters wedding special for all of us. You could have left out me crying. Jk. Brad Stewart

  41. Pictures are AMAZING!

  42. The pictures turned out great! I love the last one. Great idea to take pics at the hotel!

  43. Gorgeous pictures!! What a perfect couple :)

  44. These pictures tell a happy, refreshing and inspiring story! You guys are a handsome, beautiful and gorgeous pair. The pictures of the two of you are perfect. Every picture is special and so are you…. beautiful girl, handsome guy! May there be much fun, happpiness and satisfaction in the years ahead. Naomi and I enjoyed every minute of your perfect day and for having the privilege of being a part of it. Love and prayers! Naomi and Chuck

  45. These pictures are beautiful!! Ash, you made such a stunning bride. LOVE that elevator shot!

  46. These are the most original, detailed, unique wedding pictures ever. Ashley & Matt you are so alive and energetic. The intimate shots are soft and tender. Loved the flowers, dinner was excellent – everything made it a great day. Excellent in every way. Matt & Ashley’s wedding will always be fresh, personal and special because you caught the right shots to make it so. Incredible!

  47. I love all of these Ashley! You looked gorgeous! I love the one with you and your dad especially. Very nice haha I’ll be showing them to Jim and the family soon!

  48. LOVE the photos! The beautiful day was captured so well!

  49. I love them all! Ashley you are gorgeous, and you and Matt make the picture perfect couple! The hardest part will be picking out which ones you wanted prints for in your house!!

  50. Great Job Kellie! You truly show the great love they have for each other. Can’t wait to see photos to buy. Love the shot of Ashley and Matt outside under tree.

  51. I have to say of my son, how well you caught him go from tears to joy! Thank You! These kids are the greatest example to their peers.

  52. Wow… stunning. I love the sneaking-up for the first look shot!

  53. Your beautiful wedding reflected a happy, refreshing and inspiring story. What a beautiful, gorgeous, handsome pair you are! The pictures are spectacular and so-o-o-o-o you! We wish for you much happiness, joy and satisfaction in your lives ahead tgether. We enjoyed every minute of your perfect day and sincerely loved being a part of it. May God bless and keep you and cuase His face to shine upon you as you walk this life together. Love and Prayers! Aunt Naomi and Uncle Chuck

  54. Ashley – you looked wonderful and the pics are amazing!! My favorite is the “feet photo,” super cute!

  55. OMG! KK, you rock my world!! LOVE that elevator shot! You always take it to a ‘whole new level’!

  56. Absolutely gorgeous!

  57. I can’t stop looking at these pics over and over. I love the picture of Ashley against the red wall! Her entire being shows pure delight and joy. Kellie you have a gift. I’m so glad Ashley and Matt found you to capture their wedding day memories.

  58. Ash, you are beautiful! The pictures look incredible.

  59. Beautiful photos!

  60. Beautiful pics!! The feel of the day was definitley captured!

  61. Absolutely gorgeous work, Kellie — I LOVE the shot of the groom’s tie, the one in front of the red barn, and the FEET!! Brilliant, and as always, such an inspiration.

  62. These pictures are great! Congrats again!

  63. Beautiful job!! Ashley, you’re stunning!!

  64. Beautiful photos! I can only hope mine will be this lovely. Congrats Ashley!

  65. I love these pictures!!! Ashley you look so beautiful and Matt looks very handsome! I love the pic of you against the red barn and of your first look :)

  66. These are beautiful photos!! I wish I could have been there!! Have an AMAZING honeymoon, Ash!

  67. This photography is awesome!! What a good-looking couple.

  68. you are right! they look perfect for each other. great job!

  69. How many ways are there to say great pictures?! Love the black and white also. Very expressive pictures.

  70. These pictures are wonderful. Some of the best I have ever seen!

  71. Beautiful wedding, love the elevator shot. :)

  72. Just breathtaking. Good luck!

  73. Great pictures! Work is incredible!

  74. Beautiful couple, lovely day, great pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  75. I hope Wade’s turn out this good!

  76. Ashley & Matt – GORGEOUS pictures! You both look like models! Best of luck and thanks so much for letting me make your wedding cake for you!

  77. Beautiful pictures Ashley & Matt! Kellie is an amazing photographer!

  78. Natural beauty captured! I’m proud to be related.

  79. Beautiful!!!

  80. Your Pictures are GORGEOUS! Congratulations MR & Mrs Harris!!

  81. Beautiful! May Matt and Ashley always be as happy as they are in these pics!

  82. These pictures are absolutely beautiful!! Very creative and amazing shots.

  83. love love LOVE your work! my favs: the ring shot (STELLAR!) and the 2nd to last of ashley leaning on the wall. simply beautiful. great work, girl!

  84. These are gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing!

  85. wow! great shots showing a couple very much in love.

  86. Thank you Kellie for all the great photos. You made it easy and fun for all the posed shots and you are fantastic at capturing the candid ones. So, along with the “first look” photo, I think this last elevator shot is a close second “favorite”! Thank you so much and you did a fantastic job!

  87. Matt and Ashley: The pictures are awesome. They really show the love you have for each other. Thank you for allowing us to be part of this celebration. Love you

  88. So sweet couple! Fantastic photos!

  89. Ash! you look really gorgeous! Every picture is amazing..!
    Cada foto muestra lo enamorados que están. Muchas Felicidades Hermana! :)

  90. These are great! ‘Almost like being there. :)

  91. what beautiful photos! I love the ties. :)

  92. Beautiful wedding! I’s getting married in April and have the same dress. The bride looks gorgeous in it!

  93. Photos are stunning – really captured the Love of this couple.

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