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Meet Ward. He has the coolest hair I’ve ever seen on a baby. Or anyone, really… :)








I think this one would make a precious Christmas card. The hair is so flippin cute!! :)

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  1. love love love these!!!!

  2. Kellie, you were right! His expressions are hilarious…even if he wouldn’t break a true smile for us! I love love love all of them – you are so talented! Thank you so much for capturing this special time for us in pictures!! I can’t wait to see the full gallery and to share them with our friends and family. Thanks again for taking these of our sweet Ward and his CRAZY hair :-)

  3. Kellie–you are amazing! Lord that is one cute kid! I love the one w/ Sabra and Chip too–so sweet! Can’t wait to see the full gallery!

  4. How sweet are these pics!? I know Sabra and Chip will treasure them always…not to mention his Sigma aunties!!

  5. dat wittle boy is so cute! when I have kids come shoot us…. i’m due in 11 months.

  6. How PRECIOUS!! Kellie – you always work your magic and make everyone fall in love!!!!

  7. I love it. :)

  8. Kellie – these are SO good! You are ahgenious!

  9. Oh, man! These are too cute! And Ward’s hair is out of this world awesome. Love the Christmas card idea!

  10. how cute! i LOVE that last one!

  11. They are precious! He is growing and changing everyday.

  12. Personally speaking I think the hair goes “wild” just so that you don’t get completely caught up in just those eyes! What great photoghraphy but what do you expect with such a cutie for a subject.
    Thanks for sharing, Pam

  13. great work, Kellie! I DO love the hair – and the last shot is splendid! Leaving out lower face, and leaving all the extra space at the top – great, great shot!

  14. OMG. This is redonkulous!!

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