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The minute I found out Camilla was a horseback rider, I knew we had to incorporate that into their engagement session somehow. So we planned this session at the Fellowship Farm where her horse Gryphon is boarded. After spending just a few moments in the stables, I completely understood why she fell in love with riding as a kid. Horses have such a soothing presence. They’re massive in size, but their eyes have such a peaceful beauty. Her horses were definitely her first love…. until she met Anthony ( his friends call him Anton ) and I’m pretty sure Gryphon was bumped to 2nd place in that instant :)

These two have such an ease about them. They have that rare connection…that head-over-heels-best-friend love that everyone hopes to find. Camilla is hands-down one of the most gorgeous girls I’ve ever photographed, and Anton brings out that amazing glow in her. I can’t wait to spend more time with them on their wedding day this Fall…

Oh, and their new beagle rescue Georgie makes a cameo in a few shots below. I had a hard time not sneaking her into my camera bag…she’s a cutie :) Happy Wednesday everyone!

















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  1. You nailed them! I like them a lot.

  2. these are so sweet! i love the sunshine and their lovely faces!

  3. Great stuff as always!

  4. so I definitely teared up when I saw these. You totally captured us (and made us beautiful!) Thank you so much I can’t wait to share them with everyone.

  5. i love so many of these! :)

  6. Always fab!

  7. I adore these, Kellie. I love the third from the bottom, and I’m a sucker for any couple who wants to shoot with their dog!

  8. Love the four legged star power… there’s something about a horse that’s good for the inside of man…

  9. Camilla looks GORGEOUS in all of these! It’s so crazy to see all these people I grew up with engaged! I LOVE these pictures!

  10. i loooveeee the last photo on the left! you’re work is really great!

  11. You know our next session together will be a couples’ session with me and Jona, right? Kellie you rock. :) XOXO beautiful images!!

  12. Amazing photos and you totally captured the love that is between them. Moms know these things. :-)

  13. These are beautiful… so sweet and understated. Love it.

  14. Could say something fancy, but as Camilla’s mother all I can say is thank you for capturing her spirit and their love for each other in photographs.Fabulous!!!

  15. These are so sweet!I love the one of them sitting on the fence!

  16. They look so happy and in love..almost teared up. You should have tried to get away with Georgie…I know two boys that would have loved it:) I love the one with her on his back so sweet. Amazing job as usual Kellie. You’ve definitely got a gift!

  17. sweet session! i love how natural they feel :)

  18. yes, you certainly need to come to colorado for more insane horse/beautiful people shoots. we must have a coffee date when i am in greensboro in july!! :)

  19. Great job, Kel! Congrats Camilla and Anton!

  20. These are all stunning – every single one! They look so happy & in love, and the location is just amazing. You captured them beautifully!

  21. Love all these pictures, especially the hay snuggling picture. Beautiful couple. Beautiful pictures. Very cool boots Camilla. Be happy always.

  22. These are so beautiful Kellie! I went to school with Camilla and it’s so fun to see these pictures!

  23. Amazing pics…i love them!

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