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We have tons of sweet kiddo sessions to preview over the next week, but before introducing these darling little personalities I want to send out a GIANT hug to all of our amazing readers. Without you guys, this blog is just me….talking to myself. Your comments, feedback & participation are what makes this blog come alive. After reading through your comments on Tricia & Kobe’s post, I was so inspired by the outpouring of love & support. Thank-you for being you….consider this a hug from me to you :)

Now…without further ado, I would like to introduce you to my latest source of smiles…miss Carlisle:

The last time I photographed Carlisle was in 2006, when we first opened the studio. She was just a wee little tot, but even then I knew there was a big personality brewing in that teeny little frame. Having her back in front of my lens was such a treat. When she laughs, the cutest little dimple pops up on her cheek. Its just one of those things that makes her “her.”

Thanks to Carlisle & her mom Margee for bringing the magic to this session. Here are a few of my faves…









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  1. She is adorable! Kellie, wonderful as always! I can’t wait for you to photograph little Davis sometime!

  2. Seriously. Super duper cute.

  3. Well…I know I am her mom, but wow! What a doll! You are awesome Kellie! I can’t wait to see them all! You did a great job and made it so much fun for all of us. Can I write a whole bunch of times…? Thanks so much!!!! xoxo!

  4. OK — one more comment — just got to see all the photos Kellie! I am in love! You have truly captured this magic time in our lives – which I would love to hold on to forever. :)) baby teeth and all that five-yr old joy. My sister loves them too…..thanks again, Kellie! I can’t tell you how much I love them! Have a good evening! M

  5. Kellie, Carlisle is adorable! You captured her so well!!

    I love her toes in the second photo and her natural giggly smiles all the way through!!

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