Cassie’s sweet bridesmaids Megan & Julie emailed asking for a little peek at what we’re working on for their blog post, so this is for them ( and Cassie & Gaines, of course!) This image makes me want to move the studio to St. Simons…It was truly this breathtaking in person.

For all of my photo friends who might be interested, this frame was shot with the 15mm 2.8 ( goes to show it doesn’t always distort if you keep your distance!) Its straight out of camera with just a curve boost and contrast bump. The flare is the real deal holyfield….. :)


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  1. Ooohhh spanish moss! Love it!

  2. yesssssss! Kellie, you made our day! And it’s even better than what we hoped for! Can’t wait to see the rest. you da bomb.

  3. oohhhh!! it’s perfect! i hope you can post more sneak peaks of this wedding….ST. SIMONS IS THE BEST PLACE ON EARTH! :)

  4. Wow, I have never seen anything this beautiful. Now I cannot wait for more, though I will try to be patient. Kellie and Leah rock !!!!!!

  5. just stunning.

  6. What a fabulous shot! Can’t wait to see more!!

  7. Wow, Stunning! I can feel this tree popping out at me – feel so 3D, BRAVO!

  8. Wow……what a wonderful portrait!!!!!

  9. oh my goodness, simply stunning!

  10. Kellie! This is just amazing – I just fell in love all over again. Thank you so so much…I’m so sad I did not get to give you and Leah a hug goodbye :( guess that means our paths will cross again!!

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