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Through the years I’ve connected with some incredibly inspiring people in this industry. Elissa is one of my favorites. We share a similar design aesthetic & every time we team up for a styled shoot, something magic happens. Hard to believe its been over 3 years since we first collaborated on this shoot. We’ve spent a lot of time texting back & forth with each new “crazy idea”… and once we watch a concept take shape, we realize crazy is the best way to create something original.

The girl is brilliant, truly. Watching her create while on location for a shoot is nothing short of amazing. ¬†My favorite of our collaborations is the Dreamy Loft concept¬†that won first place in the 2011 Inspired Creations Contest. I’ll never forget cracking up as the tree full of streamers started to slowly leeeean in towards our model Megan. Never a dull moment when we get together..

So, its about time the face behind the genius of every styled shoot I’ve ever photographed finally shows up on this blog. With her precious new family, of course. When Elissa shared the news she was expecting Henry, I was over the moon for her. The last time we worked together, she was going through a terrible heartbreak, and now… she is exactly where she belongs. With her husband and soul mate Peter, and their new baby boy. And let me tell ya, as great of a designer as she is… this girl was born to be a mother. Spending time with her little family on this perfect spring day reminded me of one of my favorite quotes:

Its astonishing how short a time it takes for very wonderful things to happen.” – Frances Burnett

I hope these images are a constant reminder of the joy these three share. Welcome to the world, Henry. You are blessed, little one. xo

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  1. Stunning, natural, effortless…as always. Beautiful family, beautiful moments captured by a beautiful photographer. <3

  2. just beautiful! i wish i had this with little lambs and myself. :)

  3. These are perfection.

  4. beyond words! pure love!

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