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Ellison & Jeremy flew in from Chicago to their hometown of Edenton, NC for their engagement session. During the 4 hour drive to the home Ellison grew up in, I was wishing, hoping, praying that it would stop raining. It never did, but as it turns out… there’s something motivational about being challenged by the rain. It forces you to get realllly creative….and really wet :) Thankfully Jeremy had the forethought to bring along an umbrella. It was not only a fabulous prop for the shots, but the only thing keeping my gear from getting soaked!! ( a big thank-you for that, Jeremy!!) If only we had video of the 3 of us crammed under it, cracking up. It was a total riot. I feel like the luckiest photographer around to have clients who will stand in the rain, climb on haystacks, and have a smile on their face the whole time…

They are without a doubt the perfect fit for me…adventurous, fun-loving and generally amazing. Can’t wait for their wedding in April!! ellison_jeremy_canoe





After getting completely soaked on the dock, we ducked into an old cotton mill to dry off & found this old couch…love it.


I swear Ellison wasn’t wearing a stitch of makeup…talk about natural beauty…

One of my faves…


Three seconds before the photo on the left, Jeremy face-planted in the hay…. ;) ( sorry Jeremy…couldn’t resist posting this one!!)





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  1. Beautiful imagery. I really want that couch!

  2. These are amazing, love the umbrella shots!

  3. Beautiful! The lighting rocks! LOVE the first one!

  4. Unbelievable. Seriously. Especially that first shot. I can’t believe how relaxed they are in the rain. Or so you made them look anyway!

  5. I love these! Way to make the rain work in your favor. The processing and the rain just give these such a nostalgic romantic feel. I love that her name is Ellison. That is actually my maiden name and I have never met someone else with that as their first name. Super cool!

  6. pure gorgeousness. i just did a shoot with umbrellas because of all the blasted rain…but they make for amazing photos :)
    you rock!

  7. so so awesome!

  8. Beautiful… I love the first one, the one in the field, and the few on the hay barrel. I love your style & processing!

  9. Kellie! These are so amazing…we love you right back for turning a gloomy, rainy day into such a memorable experience – full of laughs, lots of laughs! The light quality is simply incredible, and you truly captured ‘us’ in the middle of the raindrops and crazy-alternate plans. Serendipitous weather and one incredibly talented photographer came together to ultimately make these possible. Wow. I am a little speechless that those pictures are actually of us. We love them! Thank you for being you…

  10. These are so beautiful and fun! I am sitting here with tears in my eyes… You captured Jeremy and Ellison perfectly! Aren’t they the greatest?! Wonderful work! I absolutely love photo #10!

  11. Those images with the haystacks are perfection! And I’m with Anne…if that couch needs a home, I am happy to give it one :)

  12. outdone yourself yet again. so lovely!

  13. These are all wonderful! Of course, the subjects are wonderful!

  14. Wow! Perfect photos from a “not so perfect” weather day. Incredible shots of a wonderful couple that went for a non-traditional backdrop and it worked beautifully. Great job, great subjects, and yes, I am somewhat biased but it’s true nonetheless.

  15. We still look at every thing you do! Love this! -Mandy

  16. LOOOVE your work! You would be the photographer I would hire when my son gets married. (He is only 3 years old right now! Notice I am the one choosing the photographer already.)

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  19. The processing and the rain just give these such a nostalgic romantic feel. I love that her name is Ellison. That is actually my maiden name and I have never met someone else with that as their first name.

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