This couple stole my heart in the first 10 minutes of sitting on the couch at the studio, holding hands & sharing the details they have planned for their fall wedding. The happiness was written all over their faces, and I found myself tearing up as they talked about their plans. We’re all fighting a battle of some sort & after spending time with Heather & Eric I can tell you the battle they’re winning with Eric’s health is one that has made them hold on a little tighter, smile a little bigger, laugh a little louder, and celebrate every….single….day. They won’t officially be husband & wife until October, but even a quick glimpse into their life together & its so obvious what a strong team they make. I love that they chose to use the backyard of Eric’s house ( their new home together ) as a backdrop for half of the session, and the front porch swing at Heather’s house for a few cozy shots. The old blue chevy was sitting in a neighbors driveway….and turned out to be a spot I couldn’t pass up ;)

Thanks to Heather & Eric for the inspiration..and for sharing their beautiful connection with me. And thanks to my cousin Alisha for trusting me with her best friend’s memories. Giant hugs to you all…








Heather has the MOST amazing laugh. This shot is the intro to my new lifestyle portrait site, btw :)

Have you ever seen a cuter pup than Miss Baxter? Yes, she’s a girl, and yes, they let Eric’s nephew name her :)



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  1. Gorgeous work! LOVE the ones in front of the white wall.

  2. Kellie! Eric and I are soooooo in love with your work and these photos! Well worth the wait… it felt like one hundred years. Thank-you Thank-you THANKYOU! These will last a lifetime atleast!

  3. What a beautiful couple<3 Amazing work as always Kellie :) I can feel their love radiating through my computer.

  4. I’m running out of words to describe your work, and I’ve got a pretty good vocabulary. How about magical? Fantastic work Kel!

  5. Kellie, you have a way of capturing “feelings” on film that is unequaled. I am so proud of your work. Love you, Aunt Charlotte

  6. The pictures are wonderful Kellie! Congrats to Heather & Eric.

  7. Now this is what happiness looks like. I have always thought that Heather is a beautiful young lady, but never more than in these pictures. Kellie, you have clearly captured both the internal and external beauty of Heather and Eric. Simply amazing pictures. I think you give every couple you photograph a little piece of yourself and I know you wouldn’t have it any other way.

  8. Amazing…… always! No one compares to YOU Kellie!!!! Super excited you are the one to capture these two people that are so impt. to me! LOL AP

  9. Nice! What a great couple! :)

  10. We think your 500 dollar bet was a good one, we will cherish ALL these forever though! We appreciate it more than you know. Looking forward to October!

  11. Kellie, the 500 dollar bet was a good one, we will cherish each and every one though. We appreciate it more than you know. I am still smiling, we had a great time. Looking forward to October!

  12. What great pictures of Heather and Eric. AMAZING, your photography is amazing.

  13. Love these photos! I cannot wait until the wedding day. You are amazing Kellie.

  14. These pictures are so beautiful! Lovely story behind these two as well they look so in love!

  15. the three of you, last one, says it all…love you girl and can’t wait to meet Eric…ginnie

  16. Absolutely gorgeous!!

  17. What fun to see these wonderful pictures of a very special couple! Did anyone else notice scrolling through these that Eric is either kissing Heather or getting ready to kiss her!!! What a lover! Lucky Heather…Bobby and I can’t wait till October either! JOY!

  18. Kellie I love this session! The BW shot of Heather laughing is AMAZING!!!! I sort of fell in love with them right there. Job well done as always. I’m sure they are over the moon for these.

  19. Beautiful work with a beautiful couple. We cannot wait to share their day with them!

  20. These are SO GOOD! as always you captured true love…..Heather you look amazing! Eric is not to bad himself….lol

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