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This couple is a prime example of why I adore my job. I’ve worked with a few brides through the years that I could swear missed their calling as comedians. Jodie’s one of them. Don’t let her “all american” gorgeousness fool you…she had us cracking up with dirty jokes throughout her bridal session! ( I would share a few, but I like to keep things PG around here ;) What a combo…funny AND stunningly beautiful!! Its no wonder she ended up with such a great guy. I got the sweetest email from Steve when they returned from their honeymoon in Punta Cana….. I know these two will be one of my “lifers”…..I can’t wait to photograph their little ones someday!

Here are some of my favorite moments from their day. I love the way their necks form a heart shape in the first image :)








Leah caught this sweet moment right before the kiss…








Another Leah shot:





So proud of Leah for nailing this shot of their last dance. Who has the best assistant? I do! I do! :) Well done, Leah!


Congrats guys!! We’re so, so happy for you!!

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  1. that first image is so dreamy, i love it!!!!

  2. I tried to come up with a word to describe these photos.. I couldn’t think of a real one so I’ve made one up. Awesofuntasticalness.

  3. Her wedding dress is STUNNING!! And so are all of the pics you took = WOW!

  4. Wow. What a sweet couple. What a fun day. These people know how to celebrate!! Congrats you two. Hope to see you again soon.

  5. Good lookin’ shots! You’ll make pretty babies someday…

  6. The first shot = AMAZING!!!! I love the kiss shots too… they are so sweet.

  7. Kellie, AMAZING PHOTOS!!! That first shot is absolutely STUNNING. Everyone has wedding photos but I bet not everyone has a photo like that. We are so pleased with them all. Wonderful, Wonderful work!
    Thank you so much. LOVE EM

  8. Pretty much the best wedding photos I’ve ever seen. Speechless. :)

  9. Kellie! I am completely speechless. Everytime I look at these photos it brings back so many good emotions! I don’t think i have ever smiled as much as I did that day! You captured so many great moments!! We are so very pleased and are having the hardest time choosing because they are ALL so good! You are amazing! Thank you and leah so very much!!

  10. So the one with him nuzzling her cheek is fab. Love love love your tight compositions!!! 35 mm strikes again? :)

  11. These pictures are extraordinary!You’re amazing Kellie!! :)

  12. These may be some of my favorite wedding photos of yours! They are stunning! The lighting, the emotion, just perfect! :)

  13. these turned out great, nice memories

  14. that last shot rocks…great job

  15. Jodie & Steve – Thank you for sending us the website address so we could see your wedding photos. We enjoyed looking at them very much. The photo where your necks make a heart shape is so unusual and beautiful!

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