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In an effort to get back to what compelled me to open this studio 3 years ago, I’ve decided to make this blog post a bit different…. ( hope you readers will bear with me :)

As I was flipping through my own wedding proofs last week, I had a revelation. There are no moments. As much as I treasure the portraits of my family, my hubby’s family & all of our wonderful friends, I longed for the image of my mom crying as she watched me walk down the aisle ( and boy did she bawl!) and the HUGE grin on my dad’s face as he twirled me around to the Beatles tune “In My Life”. How fun it would be to look back to find a shot of the instant when one of my best friends spilled her wine and promptly slipped & fell in the puddle. We must have laughed for 10 minutes. These moments only exist in my memory and I would give anything to relive them through my wedding photos…..

So, now its no secret why I approach each wedding day as I do. As a story with a unique spirit. When you look back at your wedding pictures, whether its on your one year anniversary, or your 50th, you should be able to relive your day. That’s my goal…

When Julia hired me I knew she wanted these moments captured, so here are a few of my favorites from her & Gordon’s day. Let me tell you…I wish every reception was a Polish reception. They know how to throw a party!! ( see below… :) Congrats, you guys. We know you have a lifetime of beautiful memories ahead…


















the only posed shot in the bunch…but I couldn’t resist ;)

Happy 4th of July, everyone!

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  1. kellie! i am absolutely speechless-these pictures take my breath away!!i can not express the joy i have right now. these pictures tell a full story of a day that only happens once- a story that i would have otherwise only gotten a synopsis of.You really captured the special moments-your pictures come to life. I can not thank you enough for sharing your talent with me. THANK YOU! Julia and Gordon

  2. Julia & Gordon- the thanks goes to you guys..for inspiring me with your soulful wedding day & helping me to remember how important these moments are. Thanks for being a joy to work with….and for having a seeeeriously rockin’ reception! :)

  3. These photos are great! I can’t wait to see all of them:-)

  4. Just beautiful Kellie, as always, but my favorite is the last 1. :)

  5. You did an amazing job capturing so many great moments here, Kellie – you can really see all of the love, emotion, and fun in these!

  6. What a great post! This couple will be able to relive every moment, both the poignant and the silly, because of your beautiful images. Thanks for sharing with us. (oh, and number four and the last one are my superfaves!)

  7. These pictures are beautiful… I especially love this last one of you and Gordon..

  8. Kellie, the pics are wonderful! You did a fantastic job with the wedding/reception etc; makes me want to get married all over again (same guy) just so I can get photos this awesome. Being 13 years older then Julia, she’s learned a lot from my mistakes especially not to skimp on a good wedding photographer. I’m sure she’ll cherish these pictures and the memories expressed through them for a very long time. Thanks, Maggie

  9. Just observing how nicely cropped your images are. No distractions hiding in the corners,no plants growing out of people’s heads, no out of focus signs etc. That’s quite a trick. Beautiful, as usual.

  10. Kellie – these are so lovely. I’m interested what equipment did you use to flash the reception photos? They are stunning. Perfect lighting.

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