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One of my favorite English professors once told me that if I didn’t genuinely care about what I was writing, it would be never be any good. At the time I didn’t realize how true that sentiment was, but when you apply his theory to photographing families…it could not be more true. There’s a kind of soul connection that goes on during my best sessions. A sort of cosmic star-alignment thingamabob. Some people call it magic. I call it love. And this family…I truly, truly love.

When I first met Julia she was still a girl. A bouncy, sugary-sweet, wide eyed girl. The past four years I’ve watched her grow into this incredible woman. She pours her heart into her family, her art, her friendships. Everything she does is infused with Julia magic. I’ve loved watching her evolve as an artist and a mama. She & Jona have an old-soul kind of love..the kind that wraps you up & draws you in. Their sweet Quin is a captivating little human. He stole my heart the first time we met & every session since, we have our own mini lovefest. During this session we played peek-a-boo on a park bench, threw sticks in the lake & walked the rocks holding hands. I’ll never forget his tiny voice saying “lets find a Quinnie sized rock, miss Kellie..” to which I replied “I think I see the perfect one..” and there we stood watching the boats sail by hand in hand.

Truth is, I genuinely adore this family. I’m grateful they chose me to document their life in all of its sweet adventure. Every session with these three is a prime example of that cosmic star-alignment thingamabob I love so much…

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  1. What a precious session. Makes me want a cup of hot chocolate looking through them all! Kellie, such a beautiful job and Julia what a beauty you are and your family too!

  2. The one of Quin and Julia is so perfect. I love love love it. Also Quin on the rocks pointing! I can hear him in that photo. Beautiful session.

  3. Your photos want us to pop out babies just so you can take their pictures!!! :D :D :D

  4. Man, Julia…these are stunning! You are stunning! Kellie, I’m in total awe of this set! Gorgeous, every last one of them.

  5. In tears sitting at my monitors. We love each other so much. These photographs tell OUR love story in every frame. We love you Kellie. xo

  6. OMG – Julia – your family – girl…NOOOOO WORDS!!!!! Kelli – You have captured them in such an amazing and heartfelt way!!! Seriously in love with these shots!!!!!!

  7. So sweet – love these!

  8. I found your blog today when Candice Lanning posted a pic you took on FB… LOVE your images! The beauty, the feelings you capture, the real, the happy… love it all!

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