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This wedding was chock full of southern charm & beautiful connections. It reminded me why I do what I do. Its all about the moments & these two had so many heartfelt moments, it was hard to narrow down favorites for this preview! I had never met Cole before we arrived at the gardens, but was not surprised to be greeted with a big hug when I introduced myself. Kari gave me the scoop on Cole during her bridal session, so I knew he was going to be an extraordinary guy. The two of them make such a sweet pair….. I know they have many years of love & laughter ahead. Take a peek at a few of my favorite images from their day…. Congrats Kari & Cole!

**the lovely designs for the programs, cake & sweetheart table were created by Melissa at Graphically Inclined**









It was a packed house….











I love this shot Leah caught of Kari dancing with her dad….







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  1. om freaking g kellie. these are mind blowing. the one of them on opp sides of the door about made me cry and the next one after it got me so choked up.. Simply stunning.. no words.. crazy flippin awesome photography. WOW. Can I just insert some ‘lorem ipsum’ (random text) and you just pretend it’s words that I can’t come up with to describe how much I love these?!?!

  2. You don’t know me but I am C + D Photo’s (David’s) Mom. David said you are one of his favorite photogs and I can see why! Amazing photos that you took. My favorite is of the bride and groom with the door in between them. Obviously, they couldn’t see each other yet and the expressions on their faces are priceless.

  3. Oh…wow…this is the first time I have landed in your blog. Absolutely gorgeous photos! The door photos…literally took my breath away and made me want to cry / squeal. Such beautiful moments!

  4. giiiirrrl. shoot. these are so great.

    ok so the shots of the bride and groom embracing at the door brought a tear to my eye. for real.

  5. Absolutely amazing Kellie!! Love love love the one with the door in between them! The emotions there are so strong and powerful…your work just amazes me!

  6. Ok wow – I LOVE the moments and details of this wedding!! Beautiful work, Kellie!!

  7. OH my gosh… the photos of them on opposite sides of the door…priceless and breathtaking. LOVE it.

  8. Kellie!!! You are UnREAL!!!! I love these so much. They capture our day perfectly. I will never be able to thank you enough!

  9. you are amazing…these are absolutely breath taking!

  10. SERIOUSLY KELLIE! Geez woman! These pictures make me want to get married…i’m going to start saving now so you can do my wedding. :) What a beautiful couple! I have to agree the opposite sides of the door is my fav.

  11. These are GREAT!!! The wedding was beautiful in real life and it looks just as beautiful in the pictures!! I LOVE THEM1!

  12. Kellie…truly beautiful! I absolutely love love the shot between the door! What a sweet moment to capture on film! You are fabulous!

  13. kellie, these are gorgeous! and the one with the door? prize-winner, for sure. great stuff!!! yum.

  14. Kellie- it was so wonderful to work with you at Kari and Cole’s wedding – your work is beyond amazing!!!!! I really do hope our paths cross again in the very new future!!

  15. !!!! Absolutely incredible Kellie. Who makes photo’s like this? Only you! The sweetest, most precious moments. The bride and groom take my breath away. A personal favorite, “KC Guy Dancing.” Love that shot. Now that is art!

  16. Note from the MOB-Kellie when I first viewed the entire collection of photos from Kari and Cole’s big day, I felt all the emotions of being there again. You did an outstanding job of capturing the joy of the day-from the tears of joy at the doorway to guests of all ages dancing for joy into the night! Thank you for making sure our family will remember this joyous day forever. You are a real artist.

  17. These are great, Kellie! I love how beautifully you captured their day!

  18. LOOOOVE the vintage feel in your images Kellie!!! Keep up the fantastic work!

  19. I so appreciate all of the wonderful comments! You guys are the best… big hugs to you all! -Kellie

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