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This session was more of a soul session than a shoot. I love when that happens. That rare magic of having 2 little girls walk through the door, shy & not sure they’re really into having their picture taken, and after an hour of twirling, giggling & running through a sun drenched field, we can’t help but end the shoot with a group hug & high fives all around. That’s what this job is all about for me…connection. Capturing the connection that exists between the people in front of my lens, and creating a connection with them in the process. Lila & Mirielle are such beauties. They’re the perfect combination of silly & sweet..being with them is like opening a giant bottle of sunshine. As I watched them running through the field, all elbows & knees, it reminded me of the carefree, dizzy fun of being 9 years old. Childhood is such a precious blink of life, I hope these images give you glimpse into the girly sweetness of Lila & Mirielle…

“A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.” – Marion Garretty

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  1. My cheeks hurt from smiling…once again. You surely did capture the fun of this day. Love what you said about capturing the connection. You absolutely do that in every single one of your photos. That’s so important and it’s most definitely a gift and a special skill from the photographer. You were born to do this. These shots actually made me able to escape this mound of papers on my desk and feel like I was actually out there in that field. Beautiful work Kellie.

  2. so sweet…beautiful images! :)

  3. So so sweet and touching and beautiful! You are such a gift Kel!

  4. i simply adore these. so sweet and beautifully composed.

  5. LOVE me some sisters!!!! so happy and gorgeous!

  6. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! Gorgeous!

  7. Kellie, you are so amazing!!! :) So beautiful!!

  8. It’s obvious you’re all about connection, because you’re so.freaking.good at it. bombin! xoxo

  9. These photos are awesome…I especially love the b/w ones.. The girls are happy and beautifully shot and you, Kellie, you were the eye behind the lens. Beautifully done.

  10. I was a lucky girl to be apart of the photo shoot of granddaughters Lila and Mirielle. The results are
    amazing and I do not know how I will ever choose! You are so talented and I will never forget that lovely afternoon. Barb Smith

  11. Wow! So hard to pick a favorite–they are ALL fantastic. Keepsakes forever. Beautiful work!

  12. What beautiful pics! They are all so good I couldnt pick just one as my favorite. The girls are very photogenic.

  13. Gorgeous pictures!!

  14. Love the pics! My personal fave is M behind L….both giggling in a “caught” moment. :-)

  15. Great Pictures Kelli. Awesome photographer! You are blessed to have such beutiful and happy kids.

  16. These are amazing! Beautiful girls, beautiful moments!

  17. So precious! Beautiful photos and beautiful girls!

  18. WOW- what an incredible shoot! I feel like I was there- I WISH I were there! What an amazing gift these sisters will always cherish!

  19. Absolutely beautiful. The girls look radiant. So natural.

  20. Wonderful images of two very sweet little girls – totally captured the spirit of Lila & Mirielle!!

  21. These photos absolutely capture the personalities of Lila and Mirielle. Not only are they beautiful, they are so full of life and whimsy.

  22. Absolutely fantastic photos! I especially love the series with the parasols. Great work!

  23. Great photos! I think my favorite is the last one, though very hard to choose!

  24. Amazing photo’s by an amazing artist. What special moments to capture of beautiful children! Smiles and love all over all of them!

  25. Great pics! Great to see sisters getting along and loving one another!

  26. No “Say Cheese” anywhere, simple and stunning!!

  27. Wonderful photos to enjoy for a life time.

  28. Wow. Such great photos. Nice work. Of course you had 2 cute ones to work with.

  29. Can’t help but like these here pictures. Mighty sweet young ladies you have there. Fixin’ to break some hearts real soon. Nice work. Thanks for sharin’.

  30. I absolutely adore these photos! They are so modern and classic at the same time. Kellie, you captured the very essence of these beautiful girls perfectly! Thanks so much for sharing.

  31. You truly captured the fun and whimsy in those two darling girls!

  32. Can’t thank you enough – like capturing sunlight in a jar – you captured their childhood. Love each and every one. Thank you Kellie! You are brilliant.

  33. I love these pictures! They just made me think about how awesome having a sister is! The umbrella shots are my fav

  34. models in the making. both girls are unbelievably gorgeous!! :)

  35. I love how gorgeous the girls are. They are beautiful and are having soo much fun in the photographs.

  36. Beautiful and captures childhood perfectly…sigh….beautiful!

  37. Love your work, the play of these children is miraculous. the color and the play and the props. Everything works.

  38. What GREAT pictures!! So glad to see that yellow is still Mir’s favorite color! Love them….

  39. I know these two girls personally and you absolutely captured their spirit perfectly. Love your comments about them as well. Sisterhood is so special and you demonstrate that in every one of these pictures. Bravo!!!

  40. Love these girls and I don’t even know them!! They are rays of sunshine!!! I love the umbrella photos. :) Too sweet!

  41. Kellie, your beautiful photography captured the secret sisterhood of Lila and Mirielle. I love looking at each of these and am glad to have enduring images of their fleeting childhood. Thank you! ~ Martin Davidson

  42. The pictures are simply beautiful and capture the joy, exuberance, energy and innocence of childhood. I love each and every one.

  43. Beautiful! Umbrella shots are my favorite!

  44. Beautiful pictures! The girls look so natural.

  45. kellie, you’ve done it again! absolutely beautiful! would love for you to capture my little in an open field … your work is awe inspiring.

  46. oops … my little boy, that is. :)

  47. Absolutely stunning. Breathtaking. Beautiful, captures cherished memories.

  48. ADORABLE!!! No surprise here… but another job well done ;)

  49. absoLUTEly adorable.

  50. Aw they are precious :) Its so sweet you capture childhood through a camera lens. You’re fantastical xoxo :)

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