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Hi friends. Sorry its been crickets around here. My life took a little detour last week in the form of an emergency room visit-turned hospital stay. I’m on the mend after a few days of IV fluids & TLC from family & friends, but lets just say I won’t be attempting to shoot 17 portrait sessions & 4 weddings in a month again ( no wonder I felt like I’d been hit by a bus ) This unexpected hiatus was a long overdue reminder of what’s truly, truly important in life, and has given me a renewed perspective going into the new year. I am so lucky to live my dream every day and am over the moon excited about the 18 amazing couples we have on the books for next year, but 2011 will be bringing a few changes that have nothing to do with work & everything to do with family. My hubby & sweet boys have been unfailingly patient with my travel schedule, endless shoots and complete inability to slow down and just…breathe. So over the next few months I plan to do all the things I love…with the ones I love most. I hope you guys will do the same. Because life is too short to let it pass you by…

So, this shoot is the perfect one to get this blog back into action. If I had to choose a session to truly define me as an artist, this would be it. It may sound silly, but shoots like this are little escapes for me. There’s something so freeing about letting go & getting lost in the moments unfolding around you ( and hoping like hell a few great images come out of the chaos.. :) This family allows me to do just that. They are my photographic soul mates in every way. The boys have been in front of my lens so many times, its as if the camera has disappeared entirely, and we’re just running through an airfield, rolling in the grass together. I love that their mom Amy was on board with trying a new location & folding 300 ( yes, 300 ) paper airplanes to go along with the theme of the shoot. As I drove away from the airfield on that perfect October afternoon, with grass stains on my knees.. I felt like the luckiest gal in the world. Amy, Brian, Max, Nino & Paolo…I love you guys. Thanks for letting me capture your zest for life.

“Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero..” -Marc Brown

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  1. After a really really tough 6 weeks life is wonderful again … thanks to you. A truly gifted artist. Words can not express the emotions. Life is sweet.

  2. Kellie…these photos are absolutely breath taking…and probably my favorite shots you’ve taken. They are truly amazing.

  3. Sitting here with the development team on a Friday night, after what feels like an endless string of late nights, I am literally bawling my eyes out. I’ve been waiting until I completed this last round with the team before checking the blog . . . savoring the thought of finally getting to see the session . . . knowing I’d find a piece of candy waiting for me in the cupboard as my reward. Little did I know it wasn’t candy. It was a profound satisfaction more humbling and valuable than any object I can imagine. This is why we rearrange our lives to get even one hour with you, whenever you can fit us in. Honestly. You don’t take photographs. You capture our kids’ childhood in a bottle. We feel so honored to be on the other side of your lens.

  4. I REALLY like this one, Kellie. I’m glad you are feeling better!

  5. When I saw your tweet about getting cleared to shoot somewhere with airplanes, I knew nothing but magical things would come from it. Kellie you never cease to amaze me! All of these boys have the prettiest eyes that are just simply captivating. There is nothing like brotherly love! Each person you work with is so lucky because you don’t just take pictures you capture moments, memories, and these last lifetimes. You’re an inspiration Kellie. :)

  6. Wow Kellie, such a beautiful shoot!

  7. You are freaking me out! Stop the madness!!!! 17 sessions and 4 weddings!!!! I’m exhausted!! Take care of you. I’m so worried now!!!! Okay these images are just heart-thumping wonderful! Come over monday morning. I will make you a cup of hot tea. ;) Take care! V

  8. Kellie….Andy and I are so sorry to hear about you being sick. Glad to hear that you recovered quickly.
    By the way the airplane photos are amazing!

  9. SO glad you are feeling better! xoxo

  10. So glad you are back and feeling better Kellie! Please take care of yourself!

  11. LOVE, kellie! you are one awesome photographer and artist.

  12. oh yes … please do take care of yourself. your schedule is MADNESS!

  13. What an amazingly awesome session!!! Love these images very much. I’m really glad to hear you’re doing better, Kellie!

  14. Love love love. Love love love. And love you too. :) SO glad you’re better!

  15. Love this!!! The one of mom laying on the ground with all three boys stacked on top of her….maybe my favorite picture you have ever taken. Priceless, Kellie, truly priceless!!! Glad you’re better and loved talking with you the other day!!!

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