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2007 was a great year for me. I worked with some extraordinary couples who became more than just clients…they became friends. Meagan & Joe are one of those couples. Their September farm wedding is still etched in my mind as one of the most colorful, joy-filled events I’ve ever photographed. It took place long before farm weddings were trendy. I loved that they had a wedding that was simply…them. With Joe in his black converse & khaki suit, and Meagan in a lovely A-line gown carrying a whimsical bouquet of wildflowers, every detail was southern perfection. If this blog would have existed back then, you can bet their wedding would have been a Fall feature…

Flash forward 3 years & they have a new reason to celebrate. Their baby girl Charlotte ( better known as “Charlie” ) was born in January & I don’t know if I’ve ever seen two more natural parents than Meagan & Joe. Charlie has clearly stolen their hearts & brought a whole new level of joy to their lives. Even at a wee 8 months old, she’s a fiery little strawberry blonde with the sweetest gummy grin you’ve ever seen. I can’t get enough of her in this hat… :)

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  1. Oh Kellie, thank you so much! They’re beautiful! And just as you guessed, Charlie is full-fledged crawling now – and has two tiny teeth! What a difference a couple of weeks can make! Good thing we caught these shots when we did :-)

  2. Kellie, as Charlie’s grandma, I may be a little biased, but your photography is stunning. I thought your pictures from Meagan’s and Joe’s wedding were magic, and I can’t believe how you’ve captured the very essence of Charlie and her (very doting) mommy and daddy here!

  3. Stop it! Can you say canvas???..(look how they love their girl!)

  4. LOVE it, kellie! outstanding job as usual. this is what family is all about!

  5. hi! This is a really wonderful blog!
    I come from uk and was fortunate to find your photos online!

  6. So sweet Kellie :) I love that little hat on such a cute baby girl. You’re so right they just look like naturals when it comes to being parents. So sweet. :)

  7. These are beautiful!

  8. Kellie! Just now seeing this, a bit behind on your blog, but the picture of that precious baby sitting on the road is PERFECT. How do you not love something with rolls like that? Lucky parents – having her and knowing you.

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