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Its been quiet around here lately. Sorry, friends. Too many hours of travel & shooting…doesn’t leave much time to blog. I have six posts in the queue waiting to be posted & I’m hoping to get at least half of them up this week. And I promise…that good news post I mentioned a few weeks ago…its coming up. The best thing about good news is there’s never a bad time to blog it. Thanks for hanging in with me through this crazy busy life. Loads of good stuff coming up this week…

I can’t think of a better way to kick things off than to introduce you to one of my Spring 2012 couples, Megan & Tim. Prior to this perfect August afternoon, I had only traded emails & phone calls with Megan, but I knew the first second they walked in the door with their cute pup Bodie, that they were the perfect fit for me. We traded hugs & laughed our way through this session. Megan is a bright-eyed beauty with a contagious laugh, and truly stunning without even the slightest drop of makeup. Tim is tall, handsome & has great taste in music ( a fellow Toad fan..major bonus points for that :) Their pup Bodie was just the icing on the cake. He has to be one of the most well-behaved pups I’ve ever photographed…and boy does he love Megan. The shot of him licking her face below is one of my absolute favorites.

Thanks to Megan, Tim & Bodie for braving the heat to create these images. Can’t wait to see you guys again in May.

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  1. What a beautiful couple!!! Love the pictures Kellie!!!!

  2. Gorgeous couple! And nothing is sweeter than including a pup in the pictures! LOVE the puppy kisses that you caught- what an adorable family. I know I say it everytime… but I can’t comment without writing… Kellie… once again, job well done!

  3. Wow! These pictures are gorgeous! It probably doesn’t hurt to have such attractive subjects. Impressive.

  4. These are fantastic! I’m loving the Bodie kisses too – very cute!

  5. Beautiful pictures – love the one of Tim hugging Megan from behind :)

  6. Great pictures! I can’t wait to see the rest of them!

  7. Whoaaaa, so stunning!

  8. Love this!

  9. Wow! These photos are fabulous! I have seen a lot of pictures of Megan and Tim, and knew they are photogenic, but these are over the top wonderful. A gorgeous setting, and I do love the face lick! (I’m thinking Bodie can match Tim kiss for kiss…)

  10. Kellie, you are the best!!! We love the pictures and can’t wait to see the rest! Thanks again!

  11. As Tim’s sister, I would be expected to gush over the pictures no matter what, but these are truly wonderful! Very touching and sweet, and you obviously captured the love they have for one another!

  12. I love you both so much! These pictures are absolutely perfect. They capture your tremendous beauty, sweet spirits and love for one another. So happy for y’all…xo katie

  13. I’m so excited about Tim & Megan’s upcoming nuptials – and about meeting Megan & Bodie – I haven’t had the opportunity yet!!! I love the top picture of them wrapped in the blankets and looking at each other. I also like the one where he’s kissing her hand (and the one in which they’re kissing!). The one where he’s hugging her from behind is precious – and all of the photos with Bodie are adorable! Soooo…I think I basically like them all! Thank you for sharing these terrific photos with us all!

  14. Great job! My favorite is the one where Tim is nuzzling Megan’s ear. Can’t wait to see the rest!

  15. Gorgeous photos! Megan and Tim, you look wonderful!

  16. Absolutely beautiful photos of all – including Bodie!

  17. Megan and Tim, these are soul-deep beautiful photos of love – truly inspiring!

  18. Love love love love! Especially the puppy kiss :) Gorgeous bride to be!

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