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These guys. They are quite possibly the most blogged family in the history of this blog. Four years ago I was a month out from photographing their wedding, and here we are 6 ( yes, six) sessions later and they have become so much more than clients. They are like family to me & truly epitomize everything I adore about my job. I knew from the beginning that Michelle & Ryan were rare and special…and truly understood me as an artist. They want moments, not poses. They want life as it happens & that’s what makes us a perfect fit. So for the past 4 years, I’ve been documenting the joy and sweetness of their growing family, and with the upcoming addition of twin girls… you’ll be seeing a lot more of them over the next year. I cannot wait to meet their sweet girlies.

The day of this session was grey & rainy and generally a mess weather-wise. Rain seems to follow me around lately. But I took it as a challenge to make an entire session unfold inside their home. I should’ve known that a grey day couldn’t dampen the joy of this little family. Over the past year, Fisher has become my sweet pea..halfway through each session, he’ll just plop down in my lap & give me the biggest squeeze. I love that boy. Clearly Michelle & Ryan are doing an incredible job as parents. Everything about this shoot was my favorite, but at the end when I was getting ready to leave Fisher said  “I go wif you miss Kewwie? (Kellie)”

And that’s when I melted into a puddle.

Michelle, Ryan, Fisher and baby girl A & B…thank-you for allowing me to photograph your life in all its beauty. See you guys soon. xo

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  1. Gorgeous!! Wow, your work + this family never cease to amaze. Beautiful.

  2. Sooo sweet.Thanks for capturing this moment.The original trio.Love love love!

  3. These are the absolute best!!

  4. Gorgeous!

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