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The pressure was ON for this session, ’cause Ryan is a photographer himself! ( even if he IS a Nikon shooter ;) Turns out he’s pretty stellar in front of the lens as well, and he & Michelle are so amazing together I could blog 100 images from their shoot. We ventured downtown last Friday & these two brought the heat to evvvvery frame. They share such a sweet connection….check out a few favorites:








I love this one….












Tough to choose a favorite, but I think this one might be it… :)


Check back for their wedding images in June…can’t wait!!

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  1. Hahaha… I don’t know why but the snow cone one is my favorite. It just had me cracking up! I love their faces!!

  2. Whoa mama! These are awesome. Check her eyes out. These are stellar. :)

  3. Okay…I’ve been studying these for the past 20 minutes…TRYING to pick a favorite shot. Impossible. Good lord Kellie Kano…you’ve done it again.

  4. just beautiful. there’s something about the first one. i really love it – great composition and wonderful colors!

  5. Such a sweet looking couple and you’ve captured them perfectly!

  6. I love this session… its the definition of simply sweet spring time love! I just love how striking her eyes are in the 4th shot. Great stuff Kellie!

  7. The third shot is a wonder. The angles in his shirt play off the mystery background. Great captures Kellie!

  8. How does anyone ever pick one picture from you! You rock my world Kellie!

  9. Wow! Great shoot and I am loving these locations!

  10. These are fantastic! When I grow up I want to take pictures like that….Man o’ Man.

  11. Sigh… Completely and utterly gorgeous as usual, my friend. :) I’m not even going to try to pick a favorite — they’re all just beautiful.

  12. AWESOME! Best I have ever seen. Fun, exciting and you really captured their love. Such a handsome couple. Can’t wait to see the wedding pics. Ryan’s Mom.

  13. WOW!Amazing. The models are beautiful. It doesn’t get any prettier than the Perry girls but the Artist Eyes and Hand have made these masterpieces. I cant wait to see more. Terry Hamra

  14. my favorite is the 4th one. beautiful eyes and brows

  15. MY LORD even if she is my neice she is beautiful, and i think the window duo is my favorite Kellie you are wonderful

  16. kellie – these are just stunning! wow. beautiful work. congrats to the lovely couple.

  17. Most incredibly awesome & beautiful pics of two beautiful people! Gave me chills!

  18. These are just gorgeous, I love the one of the icecream truck!! :)

  19. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. Seriously. Love that first shot, as it has to be my super-fav. :)

  20. The first photo with the shadow silhouette is simply brilliant.

  21. […] been following this blog for the past year, you might remember Michelle & Ryan’s engagement session & wedding. To know these two is to love them. They are absolutely the most beautiful people […]

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