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I’ve always been a big believer in fate. Everything about this couple proves that there are forces in life that are beyond our control…paths that we’re meant to take to lead us to the right person, the right job, the life we’re meant to live. Those paths aren’t always direct, but whether they take you on a windy, terrifying backroad ( similar to a few I’ve trekked through West Virginia… ;) or a scenic, traffic-free strip of highway, they tend to lead us to the same place. To the home we’re meant to find in life….

Michelle & Ryan didn’t have to travel far to find each other…they frequent the same sushi bars, both love the arts ( did I mention Ryan is a photographer?), and even bought houses on the same street! They were traveling similar paths & didn’t even realize it until they met at their favorite sushi bar one night. And the rest, as they say…is history. So it seems only fitting that they tied the knot in their neighborhood park, and used their homes as the meeting place for their families. I knew after their engagement session that I was in for a treat on the wedding day, but when we arrived to Michelle’s house to start shooting, I was in heaven. It reminded me of my own home…full of rich color, great art & beautiful white light. You’ll even see her cute pooch, Tulip, make an appearance below :)

Thanks to Michelle, Ryan & their wonderful families for making us feel so welcome. Hope you enjoy this peek into their extraordinary day… m_r_close-up

























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  1. love it, esp the butt grab! haha..

  2. gorgeous! great details, and how cool to see Studio B in action (I’ve heard about it, but haven’t seen it yet). They have such great chemistry together, and you captured it beautifully!!! Butt grab is great, too!

  3. What beautiful pictures! I especially love the picture on the railroad tracks…so symbolic of a young couple that knows where they’re going and they’re going together. This couple looks so happy, so connected. I know they are going to appreciate the beauty in each picture. Their cake is simply amazing. Great pictures Kellie. I think you’re right…they look like they’re meant to be together.

  4. Stunningly beautiful! Amazing photos!

  5. These are amazing photos and I have to say, the butt grab is classic. Just beautiful.

  6. Kellie, Kellie, Kellie… you have an extraordinary talent. I’m so grateful for a friend like you. :D

  7. My precious,beautiful.. “Laura Michelle” deserves every moment of this fairy tale life I’m sure whe will have with Ryan Brevda…what a blessing to be a part of their lives…Love You both…. Momma!!

  8. I love how you make me feel like I KNOW this couple, when I don’t! You capture their personalities so perfectly …gosh, you are amazing!! Looooove it all!

  9. this is my favorite post of the day {which I will share on my twitter & fb *wink*} Great work as always. Love her bouquet and her feathers in her hair. What great details!

  10. Stunning!

  11. Kellie, From the bottom of our hearts, thank you! We sat here looking on with tears in our eyes. So thrilled with this sampling; hard to believe we have an entire gallery coming. Choosing you to capture our special day was one of the best decisions we made. The engagement session, the intimate day at home and all of the sweet moments from the wedding celebration. You captured it all perfectly. Truly a master of your art. And as for this fall….You’re on! Again, sincere thanks to you and Leah for everything. Love, M & R

  12. Great photography…absolutely beautiful!

  13. Awesome images Kellie! Love the side by side b&w of the couple’s session!

  14. What a beautiful wedding, Kellie! These are all great, but I adore that shot in the alley with the flare.

  15. So Cathy said, “Gotta go check Kellie” this morning.. and I was like.. oh God.. not again. Not another awesome wedding. Perhaps I wondered would it be … just okay? Average? Maybe even ‘Great’. Nope. I was disappointed. As usual it’s a crazy-awesome beautiful spectacular wedding that just oozes superness. Come on. Seriously. How about giving us an above average wedding for a change? I’m starting to worry about my blood pressure being affected by how rediculous some of these photos are. I almost lost my marbles over the butt-grope and the always awesome lift the bride in the air against the brick wall and look like you’re on a magazine cover shot. Do you really want your couples to not be able to breathe when they see their photos? Come on Kellie.. that’s just not healthy!

  16. Great pictures! Michelle and Ryan have been on a path towards each other and didn’t know it until they met, just as Kellie says, at a sushi bar. Michelle is our first born, first grandchild, the first girl in the Perry family and I know her grandparents looked down and smiled at their happiness. Ryan came to see me to ask for her hand and said I love her, I know she is it. I said she needs the little things, long walks, sunsets, the beach and the mountains, she needs for you to love Tulip, she needs for you to be her everything and has told me she will be yours. He said I love her, I know she is it. The whole Brevda family has opened their arms and hugged our little girl to them as we have done all these years. Makes me feel warm knowing she has all of that love. These pictures show their love and how happy they are and yeah, I liked the butt grab as well. May God’s blessings cover you with His gentle love. Dad

  17. Love the alley shots. The lighting in the Studio B shot is masterful.

  18. LOL @ David (C+D)’s post. I share similar sentiments! :p Breathtaking stuff, this wedding!

  19. Kellie. You are amazing! I can’t stop looking through your work!

  20. Kellie I couldn’t be there for their beautiful day… Next best thing is having YOU capture it for me .Love and best of life to everyone, Aunt Terry XOXOXOX

  21. Beautiful! You always do such a fantastic job. I love the one in front of the brick wall and the ones in the alley!

  22. Kellie, you’ve done it again, I must say you are phenomenal, Ryan and Michelle, my MOST favorite newleyweds, you two are the most deserving. That love that you share, what you have taken your time to find, is showing all over, esp in those beautiful smiles. I am so so happy for you both and I want to take this time to say “You’ve Only Just Begun”, to live as one, to share your dreams, your hopes and your secrects with one another. May your every mornings be waken with kisses and your every nights be shared with prayer. There is no mountain too high, to keep you from your most wonderful future together, Live Laugh Love. With those smiles you tell the world just how very happy you make each other. Always keep each other first in your lives, and that love will stay as fresh, and new, as your Beautiful Wedding Day

  23. Oh Kellie. Oh the swinging her in the air shot. Oh the flare shots. Oh. Oh. Oh. So deliciously beautiful.

  24. The shot with the passage through the doorway sticks out to me, great telling……

  25. Kellie… you killed it… again!

  26. love this wedding! you did a fantastic job, what a lucky couple!

    the cake is fabulous :)

  27. […] blog for the past year, you might remember Michelle & Ryan’s engagement session & wedding. To know these two is to love them. They are absolutely the most beautiful people inside & […]

  28. Great pictures. I love your work.

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