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Everyone should celebrate their 3rd birthday running through a sun-drenched field with purple balloons :) Happy Birthday Miss Riss…xoxo!














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  1. Kellie! These are so precious! Cant help but just smile from ear to ear as I’m looking at these. I think my favorite is the 5th frame down of her in the field by herself with her back turned. LOVE it. And the laughing ones are toooo cute!!! Nice work!

  2. Okay—so who is the proudest Mama??? That would be me! I love them! She is my sassy/sweet girl-for sure! The hugging shot is totally my kids all the way–I adore they way you captured them. How do you pick–how do you pick, how does one pick a favorite? They all say so much! To know Miss Marissa–you can see how this shoot just captured so much about her. It is truly magical–I love how you do your thing! Thank you! These really touch my heart. xo

  3. I like Rissa_2 ….and Rissa_3….and Riss_Laugh_3 and….by the way, does anyone else notice how much momma looks like a youthful Diane Lane???

  4. Love the pictures. Especially love the one with all three of you.

  5. So sweet, Kellie! I just love them! And the balloons were a really great idea.

  6. Wow!!! You really are an amazing photographer. I also have a love for photography so I can really appreciate your talent and artistry. My favorite pictures of Rissa’s are difficult to choose, but the 1st two of her are wonderful and I love the one with the family shot. The coloring is beautiful.

  7. Kellie you are just amazing ! You seem to stop time and mark it with perfection by (somehow) capturing the personality of your subject in your photos. My Marissa is so incredibly bubbly an the bubbly purple balloons were the perfect touch. Your work is so wonderful that whether it’s a quiet moment captured or an ear-to-ear kool aid smile it is moving to the viewer. I love the 3 pictures on the chair and adore the two on the ends in that one the most, I think. Oh yeah, all the rest are pretty amazing also. Thank you so much ! These photos will be with our family and Marky and Marissa’s families forever !

  8. Beautiful pictures!

  9. Love the pictures! Beautiful!

  10. wow! truly a work of art! the pictures are beautiful. i am just blown away. great job!

  11. Too cute!!! Looks like you guys had so much fun! The three in a row of her laughing in the brown dress are my fav! Also love the one of Mama and 2 babies!

  12. Aww!! I love these, Kellie, and congrats Gwen on your beautiful children! These photos are incredible. So much emotion and texture. YUM. xoxo

  13. Love these pictures! Especially the field photos with balloons. how cute are they. The one with Gwendolyn and the kids is beautiful! Mark should be so proud of his beautiful family. Love them

  14. My little turkey’s! I love the picture’s! Rissa’s eyes in the black/white pictures look so intense, and I love the one’s of her laughing! They crack me up just looking at them!

  15. Gorgeous as always. It’s been super cute to watch Rissa grow up year-to-year through your beautiful shots Kellie!!! I love these shots, they’re beautiful.

  16. From one Kelly to another- great pics! I like the series of Marissa in the flower dress- all smiles! But they are all great- Gwennie should be so proud! Love ya!

  17. Your wedding photos are always wonderful but I must say your kid photos are awesome. Keep up the great work, I am always amazed and so proud of you. Love ya!

  18. OMG!!! These pictures are so beautiful…I love the picture of her with the ballons running in the field the best! But mom with her kids is also a good one!!! Awesome job Kellie and Rissa for turning 3!!!

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