If you’ve been following this blog since its fledgling blogspot days, you might remember me mentioning I have a thing for redheads. I’ve always secretly wished for red hair & freckles, so I’m pretty excited about having 3 beautiful ginger-haired brides on the books for next year. Sarah is one of them…and let me tell ya, she’s a dream to photograph. Big blue eyes & an infectious laugh that makes you feel like you know her even if you’ve just met. She has found the perfect partner in Andy. He has honest eyes & a sweet, boyish cackle that I heard throughout our shoot. Their love for each other drew me in for the entire 2 hours we were running around this field. I’m counting down the days to their Charleston wedding in April…

Here’s a peek into their sweet connection:

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  1. These just make our happy meter go through the roof. :)

  2. So, so gorgeous! You always have such amazing light in your images! I too have a thing for redheads… ever since I met my redheaded husband my obsession with red hair has grown. I’m contemplating getting mine colored one of these days.

  3. Kellie….there are no words to tell you the emotions that I feel when I look at these pictures. You are such a talented person and I am completely in love with all of the photos. Thank you so much for this….I never knew it was possible to capture the feelings that Andy and I have for one another in a picture.

  4. Gorgeous! Can’t wait to have you down to shoot this wedding in April!!

  5. These pictures are gorgeous! I love the black and white of you two looking at each other. Soooo pretty! Love you both!

  6. These are great! You need to send these to a wedding magazine becuase you two look great! Love them!

  7. The one of her peeking over his shoulder…the freckles, the gorgeous peepers, her lashes….ADORE!!! Charleston is seriously one of my favorite locations to shoot EVER.

  8. I love how you capture moments and memories. These are priceless and so beautiful. She makes me want red hair and freckles. Once again you never cease to amaze me lady love! xoxo :)

  9. Fantastic pictures! I can’t wait to see the wedding pictures!

  10. You are one bloggin’ lady!! Keep it up! I’m loving every second!

  11. You’re working it out Kellie! That last pic…? I want one of Jared and I just like that. Can’t even see their faces, yet there’s so much there!

  12. Sarah, they turned out beautiful! As always, Kellie, you are stellar. Love to all of you!

  13. Ahhhhhh! I got my Kellie photo fix for the evening…thank you!

  14. STUNNING! What a beautiful couple they are! Job well done once again Kellie! I also MUST comment on how much I love (and want) her shoes and her blouse :)

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