And so it begins… the next 6 months of my life are filled to the brim with weddings, lifestyle sessions, promo shoots & travel, travel, travel. I’ve been squeezing in every precious second I can with my boys before wedding season officially begins at the end of the month. And so far, there’s something about 2011 that just feels right. We have a year full of beautiful, inspiring couples on the books & I can’t wait to share their stories with you…

If we’re friends on facebook or twitter, you might have caught a few peeks of Sarah & Richard’s wedding over the past few weeks. I dove into their images the minute my plane landed back in NC & have been completely immersed ever since. These two are the real deal…absolutely head over heels for each other & quite possibly the sweetest pair I’ve ever met. They have a close-knit group of friends ( some of whom you’ll be seeing on here in June ) and are absolutely the life of the party. They have a beautiful outlook on life & really know how to live in the moment. So it was no surprise that their wedding weekend in Treasure Cay perfectly reflected their carefree spirits. As Sarah walked out to meet Richard for their first look, Richard was so excited to see her he turned around before she reached him. It was one of those movie-magic moments where everything seemed to move in slow motion, and I remember thinking.. “THIS is why I love my job.” Its always a bonus to have gorgeous, picturesque surroundings to shoot in, but in that moment the crystal blue water & white sand was just a backdrop for this amazing couple.

Thanks to Sarah & Richard for making me feel like family for the weekend, and for kicking off wedding season on a major high note. Lots of love to you both..

Resort- Bahama Beach Club
Dress- Jasmine
Feather Hair Fascinator- Etsy
Flowers- Buds & Blooms Bahamas
Suits- M Dumas & Sons
Ties- Brooks Brothers
Hair & Makeup- Megan Snipes of Salon Medusa
Music- Allison Moore

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  1. Beautiful beautiful beautiful. Simple, clean pure and lovely as a wedding should be.

  2. So excited these have arrived. What a gorgeous bride!!

  3. All I can say is WOW; simply exquisite!!!

  4. incredible. every single one. what a lucky couple to have each other and for you to document their beautiful wedding!!

  5. Absolutely amazing!

  6. Still so sad I had to miss the wedding. These pictures are amazing!! Such a cute couple!!

  7. Kellie- you are amazing!

  8. Great shots! Sarah and Richard, you have a beautiful life ahead of you. May the best of your todays be the worst of your tomorrows :)

  9. These are amazing! Sarah, you had every detail planned to the tee! Absolutely beautiful wedding my dear.

  10. This is sooooo Beautiful! Loved this wedding. I don’t fly..but I would fly with you to the Bahamas and hold your camera bags! I have been e-mailing u girl about the pay pal thingy..xoxo

  11. Beautiful Photos, Beautiful Wedding, even more BEAUTIFUL couple! love you two!

  12. These are incredible. What a wonderful week!

  13. These are absolutely stunning!!! So sad that I couldn’t be there…what a handsome couple!! xoxoxo

  14. These pictures are amazing… So sweet, made me tear up.

  15. Gorgeous! I’m speechless. Beautiful pictures of beautiful people. Love these!

  16. What wonderful pictures. Takes me back to a beautiful wedding at a beautiful location.

  17. Absolutely breath taking. The most stunning bride and of course groom! The pictures captured the love they have and the fun they had… just perfect Kellie! The wedding looked amazing! :)

  18. WOW. I’m speechless. For the past 8 monts I’ve looked (more like stalked) your blog looking at your wedding posts and wondered what it would feel like to see Richard and I on there and I have to tell you that I have a bigger smile on my face than I thought I would :) This day was one one of the best days of my life and I am so glad that I had someone as creative, professional, and awesome as you to document it. Can’t wait to work with you again in the future :) Thank you Kellie!!! xoxox

  19. Kellie, I WISH I knew you when I was getting married!! This post has everything. Style. Emotion. Details. LIGHT. The list goes on. You are so amazingly talented! Cheers on a job very well done, my friend. :)

  20. Oh you are so goooooood. And yes, I said it out loud. Just like that. :) Love you girl! :) XXO!

  21. gorgeous!

  22. GORGEOUSSS! Two of the most beautiful people in one of the world’s most beautiful spots… these pictures are amazing Kellie! Can’t wait for you to shoot my wedding! Love this couple-you guys are so lucky to have such amazing pictures!

  23. Loved the pictures. Our wish was for Sarah and Richard to have the wedding of their dreams. I believe it was and you captured it with these beautiful pictures. Thank you soooooo much!!!!!

  24. Absolutely stunning!

  25. Wow!!!! Just charming!!! Ohhh….beautiful too :-) Sarah both you and Richard were so wonderful work with!!! Thanks for making me a part of your special day!!! Wishing you all the best in your new life together as Husband & Wife. Blessings…

  26. stunning photos & what a sweet couple indeed :)

  27. Wow. Great moments, beautifully captured!!

  28. Simply beautiful! I mean just crazy beautiful…Sarah, handsome Richard, and fabulous photos!

  29. Dream destination wedding. Yes. Holy mama! This makes me want to go somewhere tropical. Gorgeous bride, handsome groom, precious ring bearer, beautiful beaches! This wedding must have been a dream. I say it all the time but you’ve really outdone yourself Kellie. You’re simply wonderful. Love love love xoxo.

  30. Breathtaking! Love it! -J

  31. Loved reliving the wedding through these absolutely beautiful pictures!!

  32. Wowsers, sis! Pretty sure I just got a sunburn from looking at these … Maybe you should do the promo shots for the Bahamian tourism commission. These are great!

  33. Wow, absolutely incredible!! Truly, truly the most beautiful wedding :)

  34. What a beautiful couple and a beautiful wedding. Congratulations to you both!

  35. Beautiful pictures! I could not be happier for you two!! Georgous family in the works :)

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