I’ve been reflecting a lot lately on how much life has changed since opening the studio 3 years ago. Hard to believe we passed the 200 wedding mark recently…( wow, really?!) Its been quite a ride that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. I’m so grateful for the families that have opened their hearts to me & let me share in one of the best days of their lives. You would think we photographers eventually get over the emotion of it all…but the first few weddings of 2010 have been so chock full of emotion that I’ve felt a few tears slide as I watch it all unfold behind the lens. Maybe I’m just a sucker for a great moment, but I hope that heart-racing excitement as I watch our couples see each other for the first time never goes away. It might be the part of this job I love the most…

This wedding was a perfect start to our Spring season. Ashley & Michael are so smitten with each other, I swear they might start levitating at any second. After spending the weekend with them in Charleston it was pretty apparent that they are soulmates. I had already met Ashley & her mom Susan for her bridal session a few weeks before the wedding, so I knew how special they were before I ever showed up to the Rehearsal Dinner, but Michael…well, after hearing Michael’s toast to his wife to be ( as everyone in the room sniffed & sighed..and I tried to focus through tears) there was no doubt that he was madly in love with the woman standing beside him. 200 weddings in and let me tell ya…it was one of my top 5 favorite toasts of all time :)

Thanks to Ashley, Michael & their families for making us feel so welcome. Hope you guys enjoy our first wedding preview of 2010…

Dress- Pronovias
Planning & Design- the fabulous Ellen with WED
Bridesmaid Dresses- Alfred Angelo
Flowers: Dahlia Designs
Catering: Duvall Catering
Band: Sandy B and the All Stars



















My assistant Katie’s fantastic shot:


To see the full story of Ashley & Michael’s wedding ( including the barbershop & confetti cannons!) click below. Song courtesy of the Pogues.

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  1. That bride is DROP DEAD! And these pictures are just fabulous! Kellie… you have done it again!

  2. seriously! this is your best yet. stunning!!

  3. GAHH! I love these pictures and this wedding! They seem like the *sweetest* couple sitting on the bench. :) The fun one of him lifting her up in her dress is so great too! yay!

  4. From one Ashley to another — You are SO GORGEOUS! To Kellie — I love the dock/pier shots so much….shoulder kiss, foreheads together, and groom lifting her up. Matt and I think this wedding is a tough act to follow — Everything is just so beautiful! :) Congrats to the newlyweds!

  5. Goose bumps are covering my arms and legs and I am STILL crying. What a beautiful wedding this must have been. Such a beautiful couple who you can tell have that timeless kind of love. Geeze Kellie you’ve done it again. As always Kellie you have a gift and everyone who sees is blessed by it.

    PS Love the song for the slide show and that movie…saw it in the DVD player the other day when Emery insisted on changing out the “gross kissy movie” to UP.

  6. I am so in love with you right now!! Gorgeous as always…

  7. That bride is a show-stopper! She’s gorgeous. Love her makeup artist’s tatoo, too. :) great work!

  8. Kellie!! Wow!! These are wonderful pictures/memories–LOVE them all–you are the BEST and really know how to capture the emotion of the moments! We are so lucky you agreed to photograph Ashley and Michael’s wedding weekend! Love it all and YOU! Can’t wait to see all the galleries! Much love and hugs! s

  9. Not only you managed to perform it first class technically, but also all the emotions are there. Great!

  10. Kellie! Oh how I have missed your wedding posts. I was so excited to see that you had a new one to share that I squealed! These photos are far, far too gorgeous. I love them all, but there’s something especially magical about that B&W shot of Ashley leaning on Michael’s shoulder. Completely stunning x

  11. Kellie – Michael and I have looked at these about 1,000 times already and can’t get enough! These are fantastic and it’s so fun getting to re-live it a little through your photos. Thank you so much – you are fabulous. :) Can’t wait to see them all – what a great preview!

  12. How gorgeous are those photos and that bride is one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen! Awesome!

  13. absolutely awesome!

  14. Kellie, these are absolutely gorgeous! As I scrolled down, I thought, “Oh, I love that one!” but then got to the next one and said the same thing. I pretty much loved them all!! Thank you for reminding me to cherish those intimate moments, the ones that last only seconds, but mean so much!:)

  15. Kellie, we are SOOOOO impressed…. these photos are LOVELY!

  16. love. love. love. She is SO pretty and you can just tell how much they love each other. Loving your work as always! :-)

  17. seriously? holy smokes.

  18. Stunning!! Thanks for sharing them with us!!

  19. For some reason I always love the Father-Daughter shots. How are you going to top this? 3D? Fabulous work Kellie!

  20. lift on the dock – kel, that’s the best shot i’ve seen (in awhile)! :)

  21. I just LOVE your work, Kellie! It’s always so incredibly beautiful – I love these images!!

  22. You can just see and feel the love in all the pictures. Ashley, you are so GORGEOUS as always and Mom looks STUNNING too! I can’t wait to see more pictures. Wish the Bride and Groom the very best!

  23. Gorgeous pictures as usual. She is such a gorgeous bride.

  24. Love this blog, Kellie, and the way you captured/framed it all, it is wonderful. And, I just looked at the Rehearsal Dinner pictures from the gallery and was blown away. I really think you should blog that dinner with a slide show–it is award winning! You are a very gifted photographer and we were lucky to have found you.

  25. Beautiful…Your photography is so refreshing. I wanna have coffee and talk photography all day with you but i live in Florida! :)

  26. Congrats and best wishes to the beautiful couple!

  27. Awesome pictures!! Great wedding too,

  28. Kellie – your talent is one of a kind. You captured so many great moments of this bride & her groom. I can’t believe I have YOU to do MY wedding… Everyone that booked you is so very lucky.

  29. These portraits are insanely gorgeous, Kellie. Just fabulous.

  30. I love love love the Mirror shot!!!!! Simply gorgeous…all of it!

  31. Oh Kellie, Kellie. Can I be you when I grow up? Seriously, some of the most heart stopping, insanely gorgeous images ever.

  32. good grief, kellie kano. this bride is unreal gorgeous! my friend i have two words for you: exceed expectations :)

  33. oh kellie, this might be one of my absolute favorites! What a luminous couple. Simply stunning.

  34. […] See a few photos to preview and make sure to check out the full story and other amazing photos on her blog here! […]

  35. congrats…these pictures are wonderful

  36. Kellie-I remarried almost 2 years ago and had I known about your work I surely would have hired you. You are an incredible photographer and I look at your blog weekly and enjoy it so much. I really love the ones with music. You are truly an artist!

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