Two years ago, as I was packing up after Kate & Dan’s wedding, a lovely, freckle-faced brunette walked up and introduced herself. She said her name was Anna & she was a yet-to-be-engaged “Eden girl” who wanted me to know that I was going to be the first call she made when an engagement ring made its way to her finger. I’m pretty sure I hugged her ( which isn’t weird at all if you know my Eden girls..) and remember thinking.. she’s gonna be one seriously gorgeous bride…

Fast forward to last May and guess who’s name pops up in my inbox? Yep. Chris proposed and Anna had the ring to prove it :)

In case you’re new to this blog & wondering what the heck an “Eden girl” is… This group of girls have been with me since the beginning. Since before I opened the studio…back when I was just a girl with a camera, long before this blog even existed, I photographed the first bride in this group of friends. Funny thing is, I think she was the only one that’s actually FROM Eden, but the name has stuck & the Eden streak has continued for the past 5 years. So as you can imagine, these gals mean a lot to me. All six of them, along with their hubbies, have a special place in my heart. Every time I photograph one of their weddings its a big, happy reunion. So it seems only fitting that Anna & Chris are my Spring Feature. Anna is an Audrey Hepburn-style beauty…timeless & graceful. She was an absolute vision in her Amsale gown, and Chris couldn’t take his eyes off her as she made her way down the aisle. They share a love of the NC coast, so Bald Head Island was the perfect spot for them to share “i dos.” Their wedding day was the perfect blend of vintage & classic. Kim Fisher combined stunning, soft pink florals and tiny succulents for the centerpieces, and large planters filled with sea oats and magnolia leaves adorned the aisle. Every detail was beautifully executed thanks to the staff at the Bald Head Island Club and Kim Fisher’s vision. And I may just have a new favorite wedding cake, thanks to Flower & Flour ( check out their beautiful work below..)

Its tough to choose a favorite moment from a day as beautifully heartfelt as theirs was, but one does stand out to me… Anna’s dad Fred pulled double-duty during the ceremony, not just walking her down the aisle, but also officiating the ceremony. The moment before he announced them as husband & wife, he paused & you could see the tears welling was as if the gravity of letting go hit all at once & his face says it all. It was one of the sweetest moments I’ve ever photographed. You’ll have to watch the slideshow to catch that moment, but its worth it…promise :)

To Anna, Chris, Georgia & Fred…thanks for having us. Lots of love to you all.

Venue- Bald Head Island Club
Dress- Amsale
Bridesmaid Dresses- Amsale
Flowers- Kim Fisher Designs
Cake- Flower & Flour
Band- The TFC Band
Hitched Banner- Etsy
Donut Favor Bags- Shop by Minimega and Le Papier Studios
Second Shooter- my uber-talented brother Ben


To see more of Anna & Chris’s wedding day, click play below. Music by Cat Power.

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  1. Great pix Kel! Congrats again Chris and Anna :)

  2. I have had the pleasure of sitting here with Anna and Chris while looking through these pictures and we’re overcome! We’ve looked through them 80,000 times already and they just get better–and we’re only on our first bottle of wine! It’s an honor to know such an amazing couple, with two amazing families. Kellie-you know i think you are pure genius but I have to think these two made it pretty easy for you! BTW, that Chris, what a super stud! (he said to write that) xoxo! Delisa (Eden Girl #3) ;)

  3. I knew I was going to love these, and I knew working with you was going to be magical. Thank you for capturing all the beautiful moments of the day! Getting to relive them all now is surreal. Those pictures on the beach are amazing…the pictures of my parents are breath-taking. Love the ones of my bridesmaids! You’re amazing, thank you thank you thank you! :) BTW, that Chris, what a super stud! (he said to write that!)

  4. We three just looked at the pictures and slideshow…it takes us back to that perfect day of Anna and Chris’s wedding. Kellie, you have an amazing talent of capturing the moment, and we thank you for spending that precious day with our family. Caroline just said…”I want Kellie to do my wedding!” Thanks for getting those precious details…the flowers especially! These are wonderful! Lots of love to you from all of us! Two more Rose wedding to come!

  5. 1. Not only are you one of the best photographers on the planet, you write with an eloquence that simply astounds me. Like your photos, it draws me in and captivates me. Killer combo

    2. You deserve your Eden girls and they’re lucky to have you. :)

    3. KILLER coverage on an absolutely stunning wedding! You’re in a wonderful place when that’s what we’ve all come to expect from you. Awesome is your norm! Great job, Kellie. :)

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE! The first looks pics are amazing! Job well done… AGAIN:)

  7. AMAZING :) And I knew they would be! So glad to get to see these amazing images that include some people I’ve known my whole life! Very cool. Beautiful work, as usual Kellie! Loved every bit of it and hope I get to work with you someday! xo

  8. Sigh…I always love the songs you choose for your slideshows. My faves? The bouquet shots (always), the one of the bride & her father walking down the aisle (amazing), and “Hitched”. Much love!

  9. Kellie, Your talent is amazing!

  10. Wow, simply amazing, Kellie! Makes me want to get married again, to Chip, of course :) so you can capture our day. I know Anna and Chris are thrilled with these!!

  11. Seriously Kellie, you are fantabulous. Goosebumps and tears as I watched the slideshow! You’re amazing Kellie you said I would love this wedding and you were correct…not helping the fever AT ALL. What a lucky couple to have you capture moments of their special day. Lots of love xoxo.

  12. Another BHI special event. Once again, “Picture Perfect”!!! Kellie-Girl YOU Rock, these are gorgeous!!!!!!

  13. …after all your talking about the BH wedding, i was getting very high expectations and you met them…and of course the bride and groom so precious and beautiful!!! fabulous blog posting and slideshow…love the brightness!

  14. Nicely done! Love it

  15. So so so incredibly gorgeous. I feel so lucky that I got to be there to see it in person, but the pics are truly fabulous!

  16. che bella ;)

  17. Absolutely beautiful!!! LOVE them AND the couple!!!

  18. Beautiful!! I can not imagine how hard it will be for Anna and Chris to decide!

  19. Wow! So beautiful!

  20. These are tremendously stunning! Anna and Chris are going to forever treasure each and every image! I can see the tamborine escapade replaying in my head right now! haha! Kellie, your talent is simply AMAZING! Cannot wait to see who the next “Eden girl” will be…the tradition must continue! Can’t wait to see you at the next big event!! Love love – Eden girl #4

  21. Beautiful stories always make me cry. Kellie, you are a master artist. I can’t believe how many details of this weekend you captured so gloriously-the couple,the wedding,their families, the island. We’re so happy we shared this blessing with Anna and Chris. You guys look like models, seriously.

  22. This are some of the most beautiful wedding photos I’ve ever seen. Congrats to Anna and Chris :)

  23. Absolutely beautiful pictures! And congrats to Anna and Chris!

  24. Kellie, you are such a beautiful storyteller (with your words, of course, but I really mean with your images.) I was there for almost all of these events, but I still found myself watching and rewatching the slideshow over, and over and over. It never grows old. Cheers to you and to a beautiful couple! Anna and Chris are forever in my heart as well. xoxo

  25. OH MY. These photos are so lovely. Applause for Ms. Kano and the happy couple on such a stunning photographic event.

  26. I love these photos! You have a beautiful way of capturing the intimate moments as well as the overall joy clearly shared by the entire wedding attendees. Anna looks exquisite, as well as her entire wedding party. Thanks for creating this beautiful “picture book” of their magical day. I would recommend you to any bride. PBarbour

  27. How thrilling to relive a very beautiful weekend! The pictures are perfectly beautiful. Kellie, I’m sorry we don’t have any more children to marry or you would be the one to photograph it all!!!

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