We happened to choose the hottest day of summer for this shoot and Steve & Ariel were total troopers. My car gauge read a toasty 102 degrees when we started shooting & they didn’t complain once. In fact, we had to take a few breaks just to laugh uncontrollably as the sweat rolled down our cheeks. By the time we wrapped it looked like we had all been swimming in our clothes. I think Steve was a bit worried they would look drenched in the pics, but as it turns out… 102 degree heat looks good on them :)

Thanks for braving the heat guys…can’t wait to see you again this Fall!












We had to throw their pups Sasha & Ralph into a few shots… Apparently Sasha was pretty excited ;) Love her expression…


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  1. I would have NEVER guessed the heat and you’re right…Sasha’s face couldn’t BE more expressive :) As always K, you tell good stories with your pics. ;)

  2. Wonderful Kellie, absolutely amazing :) I love love love the one with her on his back-so cute. And the pups are too cute. As always phenomenal work. I love them.

  3. Gorgeous, as always. I especially love the black and whites!

  4. Love these!!! Love the ones with the dogs especially. So good. Couldnt even tell it was so hot!!

  5. Beautiful as always…

  6. Great pics guys!! Love the feet shot :)

  7. Wow…wonderful stuff. I’ve got to agree the monochrome shots are great. I’m no where near “professional grade” with a lens but I think that they let the composition come through. I’m curious if your work ever brings you down to central Texas? Very glad I stumbled across the site.

  8. Mother of the Bride here….Nicely done Kellie. I like the black and whites, great shots even with the heat. My favorite is the one with Ariel looking straight at you and Steve tilting his head to hers. Of course my grand-dogs stoll the show at the end. Looking forward to meeting you in the fall..Good luck with the wedding shoot in Aug. Wish I could be there for that one..

  9. these are great! i would DEFINITELY not look that good at 102. and those dogs are awesome, too!

  10. I was going to say “I love the first few…..and the feet shot….and the ones with the dogs….and the piggyback one”, but I might as well just say “I love them all!” Whether I was with the love of my life or not, I would definitely NOT look that good (or happy) in 102 degrees – (Love you Matt!) :)

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