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I adore these boys. I’ve been documenting little snippets of their life for the past 3 years & somewhere along the line, they just stole my heart. Benjamin is the oldest & definitely the lover of the group. You might even recognize him from one of the blog banners above. The kid that looks like he’s eating his baby brother’s face…yep, that’s Benjamin planting a smooch on Harrison :) Harrison is the redhead.. and contrary to the fiery color of his hair, is the sweetest & most soft-spoken little guy. It’s taken him some time to warm up to the camera, but during this shoot he held my hand & the image of him in the hammock below just melts me…

Now there’s a new bambino in the Botzis bunch & he rounds out this little trio perfectly. Baby Alexander is so loved by his big brothers…I hope they’ll look back at this first pic in 20 years & laugh. Brothers are the best :) botzis_bwb1



I loved seeing prints from our past sessions framed all over their home. There was at least one in every room…made my heart smile :)








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  1. Look at the skull and crossbones rain boots :) They make me smile! Such beautiful boys good gracious! I agree the last few images make my heart smile. See your little guys tomorrow! Finally :)

  2. Kellie I love these photos :) these little boys are absolutely adorable and you do an amazing job at capturing all of their spirt in your wonderful pictures!

  3. Kellie, I am in love with all of these!!! This is definetly my favorite session! Thank you for capturing such special memories for us all these years.

  4. Wow, Kellie…these pictures are amazing! Fran, I bet you can’t stop smiling when you look at these. I LOVE the ones of all three boys. Wow, time is flying by!!

  5. Oh I love the first image! Their laughter and love is so evident… And I absolutely adore your black and white pictures!! Also, really love the one with the rainboots, hand on baby’s head, and the angle that lets you see the huge diaper bulge so characteristic of babies!! It made me laugh and show the hubby! ;) So precious!! You are consistently amazing!

  6. Love it! The first picture is my favorite and captures their brotherly love. These guys (or their wives) one day will thank you for these treasured memories. How precious!

  7. It doesn’t get any better than plaid with stripes. I’ll have to dig out my old plaid pants now. Love the black and whites, they’re masterful.

  8. These are so great! I love your wedding stuff, but my passion in photography has always been kids, they are just so unpredictable, which will always equal FUN! You captured it all here perfectly!

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