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This sweet trio was sent my way by one of my hubbys musician friends. The video for their song “My Way or the Highway” has become a YouTube sensation, with over 100,000 views and let me tell ya…these girls can SING. They did a little impromptu acapella performance during this shoot & my jaw hit the floor. Not only are they three of the brightest rays of sunshine I’ve ever met, they are incredibly talented & committed to making their collective dream come true. Don’t be surprised if you turn on iCarly to find the Gardiner sisters making a cameo… these 3 are on the verge of something big.

We had so much fun chasing the sun on this cold January afternoon. I’ve never met 3 more talented, funny, silly, humble, FUNNY, beautiful, ( did I mention funny? ) teenagers. They come from a family of 8 brothers & sisters, and to hear them talk about their younger siblings really gives you a glimpse into the heart of these girls. Its no wonder their fans adore them…they’re the perfect combination of beauty & talent, with a dash of humor. Its only a matter of time before a label snatches them up & I can say I knew them when…

Meet the Gardiner Sisters.. ( from left to right: Mandi, Hailey & Allie )

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  1. all of the images are stunning! and we’re cyber flyin’ over to check out this group’s tunes.

  2. so fun hearing about this shoot kellie … gorgeous gorgeous girls with images to match! wishing them all the success in the world :)

  3. 1. girls are lovely 2. their music is sweet 3. your images rock my face off.

  4. Great job as usual, Kellie! : )

  5. Super cool shoot! Love the polaroid collage at the end… A very sweet and talented bunch!

  6. These girls are stunning! I’m about to go check them out on you tube! What beautiful images Kellie :)

  7. HOLY MOLY! I was just copy and pasting your blog site for a link on my blog and saw these gorgeous girls! I literally said outloud, “Holy Moly!” Darn awesome shoot Kellie! Can’t wait to look up their music!

  8. Love, love, love this session. You captured their beauty perfectly.

  9. these images just gave me chills, every single picture is stunning!

  10. love your style, kellie! the lighting is perfect and your perspective is awe-inspiring. you always manage to capture everyone’s personality. a quick question … what is your go-to lens? thanks!

  11. i love the photos there all great and amazing!!! keep it up guys

  12. Kellie, these are amazing!!! Beautiful work as always…

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