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After all these years, this blog has become an old friend. The kind you can go months without seeing face-to-face, and when you finally reconnect..its still there. That connection, that spark that brought you together in the first place. Feels good to be back. Travel has been the theme of the summer. These few weeks of traveling & living life off the grid of social media have really refilled my creative well, so you just might be seeing a lot of backlogged work on here. Just maybe :) I’m not even sure how relevant blogging is to professional photographers anymore. More & more of my colleagues are abandoning their blogs to go the way of micro-blogging through instagram & facebook. I’ve considered joining them, but I love the actual writing part of blogging…telling my client’s stories with words, as well as images. So for now, I’m gonna spend a little time with this old friend & give blogging another go. Hope you’ll join me.

Oh, and I just finished a mini-tour of the SC coast & will be booking another round of lifestyle sessions in the Charleston area at the end of the month. Info will be posted on the studio’s facebook page, if you’re hoping to grab a spot. Spaces are limited, so if you’ve been dreaming of a day in the life session for your family..now’s the time!

The Hamlett family is the perfect one to bring this blog back to life. These four humans are crazy special to me. I’ve been photographing the girls since they were newborns, and they are two of the most splendid little souls I know. Their sessions are always a highlight of my summer. Melanie & Eddie truly get what lifestyle is and give every inch of their hearts to our sessions. They love their girls so fiercely, it literally lights up every frame. On this perfect summer night, they caught fireflies with nets, had a hula-hoop competition in the park, chased bubbles with squeals of little-girl glee and in every moment their love took center stage.

Melanie, Eddie, Isabella & Audrey- thanks for living big, loving huge and having me document the story of you. so much love to you all..

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  1. I absolutely adore these!

  2. Perfection!!!!!

  3. Kellie, I have no words. Pure heart.

  4. You’re my favorite. I cannot even handle the perfection :)

  5. love the light and love in these beautiful images.

  6. The simplest pleasures makes the sweetest memories. What a beautiful family! The pictures are timeless just like bubbles and hula hoops.

  7. Absolutely beautiful Kellie! Love love love your pics.

  8. The light is amazing in these photos! LOVE.

  9. Please don’t ever give up on blogging completely! Your words along with your photographs show your true passion for what you do. Your blog has become my old friend too. I love these photos, they capture sweet family time at it’s best! These will be timeless memories for this beautiful family! :)

  10. pure joy radiating from those black and whites…. so good. If you are ever near Idaho, please let us know :)

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