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So this is what 2010 feels like….

I remember writing a report in 3rd grade about what I thought the world would be like in 2010, and it looks like my prediction of flying cars and living in space hasn’t quite happened— YET :) I for one, am glad to still be here on earth, being inspired daily by my family & my desire to capture beautiful moments for my clients. I have so much to share with you guys I hardly know where to begin. The holidays were a time of reflection for me…I forced myself to close down the studio for what turned out to be one of the best weeks of my life. The days of Christmas were spent breathing in the syrupy smell of my boys as I watched them color, play piano, dance like crazy ( dance parties are a big deal at the Kano house ) and love every second of having my undivided attention. I came out of that week revived, re-inspired and ready to make big plans for 2010. I made a list of all of the things I want to do and be this year..and can’t wait to share it with you all. My biggest hope for this year is to connect…with all 25 of our couples, with old friends I haven’t seen since I opened this studio 3 years ago…. and with you. Yes, you. Our readers and twitter friends who have traveled this journey with us & offered support along the way. This blog has grown so much over the past year & has helped me build so many beautiful connections that I’m so grateful for. Here’s to a brilliant 2010, my friends… :)

Before we bid farewell to 2009, I have a very special couple to share with you. Vaneesha & Logan’s wedding was the perfect end to an inspiring year full of love. I had never met V ( this is what her friends & family call her..and how she signs every email to me :) before that chilly December day, but the minute I saw her and we hugged, I knew she was one in a million. She & Logan have an incredible bond. I couldn’t stop smiling while I was with them. The entire day was so full of energy, I left feeling like the luckiest person alive to be a part of such happiness. As a surprise to V, Logan gave her a laminated copy of the journal entry he wrote when he realized she was the one. I got chills as I watched her read it, and thought to myself- ‘she’ll show this to their kids one day.’ What a sweet moment it was…

Hope you enjoy this peek into the story of their day. To Logan & V…thanks for letting us share in your joy. I’m still smiling :)

Dress- Monique Lhuillier
Shoes- Manolo Blahnik
Bridesmaid Dresses- Jenny Yoo
Suit- Hugo Boss
Tie- the Tie Bar
Flowers- Floral Dimensions
Cupcakes- the Cupcake Shop
Paper Goods ( menus, napkins, etc)- Posh Paperie
Coordination- the fabulous Sherrie & Andrea of Bustles & Blooms
Best DJ in the Southeast – DJ Joe Bunn





















Manolos + converse + fun socks = LOVE :)


I rarely post images of the groomsmen together, but couldn’t resist with this cute bunch. I love their crisp, tailored suits & green ties..



















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  1. Love it Kellie! You are a genius. You can feel the love coming right at you! Great work.

  2. Love the last kissing image! The collection caught the vibe of the day, made me smile and think back to my special day. Love ya!

  3. So amazing.

  4. They are all gorgeous Kellie. I just love the color tones in your photography. It is just beautiful.

  5. Too cute! This was the most fun wedding ever!

  6. Wow. What an assortment of photos Kellie, you got everything that the bride and groom will need to remember their day. And as usual your work is bridal magazine worthy! Congrats to the Happy couple.

  7. Absolutely beautiful! You certainly captured the love and joy in everyone. Very nice!

  8. These photos are just breathtaking…made me sniffle. I think it’s the most gorgeous thing that he gave her his journal entry. They look like the most wonderful, special couple. x

  9. What an amazing day filled with love and great memories. V and Logan are a beautiful example for all of us! I love you guys very much…Kellie, you did a great job capturing each moment for the newlyweds and their family and friends to remember forever. Thanks :)

  10. Absolutely fantastic. Love them all Kellie!!

  11. Yeah!! Love that you are back to blogging! :) You captured some amazing and real emotions. GORGEOUS work as always!

  12. Kellie! Just wanted to drop a line and let you know that you are one of the BEST wedding photographers in the country. No joke. You have a perfect blend of glamour, fine art, modern edge and downright storytelling journalism… and it all permeates every image you present. Most photographers can only manage one, maybe two if they’re lucky. :) Major props and kudos to someone who’s well deserving!

  13. love love love this wedding, kellie!! i’m a chapel hill girl–born & raised–and i have so many fond memories at the carolina inn and especially in the room they had their reception:] i just loved every single picture–but especially the one with V walking down the hallway with her girls behind her!

  14. This was an amazing wedding!! V and Logan are too sweet and you can feel their love in these photographs. Thank you for sharing this special day with all of us! The pictures are fantastic :)

  15. kellie! i couldnt agree more with Nam’s wonderful comments…you know I think you are the BEST wedding photographer EVER! You re-tell our story beautifully…you captured every important detail, the lighting, the angles, the color….the shot…AMAZING. I cried when I saw these photos, laughed…had about 25 favorites. Thank you for giving us the best gift of all! WE LOVE YOU!!!!

  16. Kellie, you weave magic with these pics………we weren’t fortunate enough to attend the wedding but you have taken away our regret and made us feel as if we were right there amongst it all……..it really isn’t the Canons and Nikons which make photography special……its people like you who do. We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for capturing these moments. Simply superb.

  17. Oh my! Kellie, these are so amazing! This couple is so gorgeous and I love every single picture. So many favorites, but my top two are the “almost kiss” at the reception and the very first image. Oh, and the journal entry gift is just adorable! Please keep the blog posts coming :)

  18. You forgot her GORGEOUS makeup by makeupforyourday! :) Wonderful pictures. Congrats V and Logan!

  19. Hi!! I’m a photographer in Spain and I SERIOUSLY LOVE your work. Thank you for being such an inspiration!

  20. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL work!

  21. ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh… these are lovely. you’re fab.

  22. You totally ROckEd this wedding ! Images are fabulous ;-) AND……. I especially love the contrast of your Black and Whites, amazing job !

  23. ummm LOVE LOVE LOVE, What I love about your work is it’s clean and perfect but more than that I feel like I was there you capture SO many emotions That i’m awwwwww and Ohhhhhh LOVE!

  24. Wow, these are beautiful! You truly captured the emotion of the day!! :)


  26. I LOVE these images, Kellie! What a beautiful day, and what an amazing job by their photographer.

  27. This is my first time visiting your site. I saw your photography featured on Southern Wedding Magazine’s blog. Love your work and style!

  28. What a beautiful couple, great moments and I love your clean and fresh style of photography… Nice!!

  29. beautiful dress, beautiful wedding! I enjoyed viewing the photos. Thanks for sharing.

  30. […] open ….3 advance copies of the Summer/Fall issue of theKnot! I’ve been waiting to see Vaneesha & Logan’s feature for months & it was absolutely worth the wait. When the Knot initially contacted me […]

  31. […] open ….3 advance copies of the Summer/Fall issue of theKnot! I’ve been waiting to see Vaneesha & Logan’s feature for months & it was absolutely worth the wait. When the Knot initially contacted me […]

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