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Before I post Courtney & Wright’s wedding preview ( which we are SO excited about! ), I wanted to share the bridal portrait she chose for her display print at the wedding. Its rare that my brides choose the EXACT image that I would want to showcase, so I was blown away when Courtney said she wanted this one…and in black & white, no less!! What a joy it is to have brides that understand & appreciate my vision for their sessions :) I just had to share the super sweet email she sent after her & Wright’s engagement session….. Thanks Courtney! Can’t wait for you to see the next post!!



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  1. What a gorgeous bridal portrait… and a gorgeous bride to boot. I can’t wait to see the wedding images.

  2. Thanks Melanie :) She is a sweet gal…

  3. Wow! SO beautiful!!

  4. Thank you for capturing our beautiful daughter on one of the most important days of her life. We watched you at the reception and can’t believe how you seemed to be everywhere taking photos. Can’t wait to see the finished products. Thank you so much! The brides parents

  5. I can’t say enough about Kellie and Leah! Their work is amazing and they are so much fun to work with. They made me feel like a beautiful bride for sure! Photography was so important to my husband and I … Kellie was more than incredible! She made our dream wedding beautiful with her work. Thank you Kellie and Leah!

  6. LOVE it! She is gorgeous!! :)

  7. I agree with everyone. Kellie is insanely talented, Courtney you are so beautiful, and I lOvE your dress!

  8. Thanks Lauren, and everyone else. It’s all Kellie! I promise! She made me look that way ;) My dress was a Romona Keveza and my veil was my Mother-In-Law’s. It was my something borrowed and I loved the way it photographed. Kellie still amazes me!

  9. As Courtney’s aunt, I know what a lovely woman she has become, but these photographs are just stunning! You captured the joy and beauty of two people so in love and I am thankful they chose you to record their wedding.

  10. You did a splendid job visually sharing with us the moments with each picture above. I met some really wonderful people during Courtney & Wright’s wedding & believe you captured the emotion & thoughts of each of them above. Each picture has a story of it’s own –from the touching photo of Courtney’s dad,to Wright sharing a moment with Emily on the dance floor, the lovely picture of Courtney dancing with her handsome fella, and finally to Elizabeth dancing and showing us her luminous smile- I definately felt that you brought back the memories. Wonderful job!! – Pinchy Mohanty (one of the bridesmaids)

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