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Kindergarten is SO much cooler when you have the best big brother in the world right beside you…holding your hand.

Keep dreaming big, my loves….






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  1. irving park elementary will never be the same! we want a full report on the first day happenings. love you guys!

  2. aww! I love and miss your sweet little boys! hope they are having a super day.

  3. Awe, I love the pics. They are growing up so fast. I’m sure they have the proudest parents ever ;). Hope your doing well!

  4. awww, so sweet! liza starts tomorrow. sniff, sniff.

    one of eliza’s best buddies is starting kindergarten at irving park. keep your eyes out for jefery…he is a sweetie.

  5. That’s so sweet! I’m sure Emery was so excited! Let me know how the first day was!

  6. Emery’s bookbag is as big as he is. They are so sweet together! Too cute. Fingers are crossed that they will have an amazing day. I love the pictures and I love my grandsons. Nanny

  7. SO cute. Your boys are so sweet!

  8. Your boys are so beautiful that I had to leave a comment!

  9. seriously precious. our little girl started too & it is crazy sad and exciting at the same time! love the note ;)

  10. What wonderful pictures! I love them all. I hope the first day went well and I am sure they loved it!

  11. Wow- Kellie! They could closely be twins… only one is obviously larger… what a special day and you made it through it! Congrats! Lots of love, Mandy

  12. How gorgeous you all look! you on your website , the boys going to school, I still cry when Niki leaves. I will be back Tuesday 9/1 do you think I can see anything then, I am sooooo excited! love dori

  13. So sweet!! My babies are still a year or so away from this moment, but I know how huge it’s going to be. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Geez-I LOVE your sweet boys. :) I’m so glad things went so well and huge thumbs ups for no shorts battle.

  15. I’m so lucky to have such supportive family & photo-friends. I love you guys!!

  16. what precious angels, kellie! they are so lucky to have each other and a mommy like you.

  17. Awh, kellie your boys are SO adorable! Hope it went well for them!!!

  18. Oh my word. I just FLIPPED out over these…
    This is adorable.
    And the little note with the kisses…
    What a sweet mommy!!!

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