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Photographing other photographers is similar to what I would imagine doctors feel when they have a fellow doc as a patient ( okay, maybe not quite that intense…) but you know what I’m saying…the pressure’s ON. You want them to walk away from their experience feeling good about the fact that they chose YOU to capture them ( or heal them, as the case may be ) Bottom line: you’d better bring your A-game :)

Lucky for me, when NC based photographer Cari Chee emailed about setting up this session, she knew she wanted images that captured her personality & love of photography. The morning of her shoot, I went downtown to my favorite vintage shop & found the suitcase and little 35mm Yashica you see featured in these pics. They turned out to be fun additions to the shoot…and I discovered right before Cari arrived that the Yashica actually works! ( time to buy some more film :) Everything about this session was so relaxed as we walked through downtown talking endlessly about how lucky we are to have jobs we love and clients that inspire us. So the next day, I made the decision to offer more sessions geared towards photographers. Everyone needs great promo shots for their website ( including me! ) and I have a folder full of emails from up & coming photographers asking about mentoring sessions…SO…why not combine the two? Sounds good to me :)

So, for those of you that have asked, I’m thrilled to announce I will be offering a limited number of one-on-one intensive mentoring sessions where the focus is solely on you. You pick the topic. From workflow to processing, marketing to getting published….I’ll answer every question you throw at me ( and be completely honest in the fact that I don’t have ALL the answers..who does?! ) And at the end of our chit-chat on all things photography related…I’ll put YOU in front of the camera & together we’ll create some killer images for your website & blog. If you’re interested in snatching up one of the 3 one-on-one spots I’m offering next month, email the studio for more details. We look forward to meeting you!

Now check out the lovely Cari…who I have to thank for the inspiration! Happy Monday, my friends :)

***UPDATE: April & May mentoring sessions filled up in 2 days! I’m so excited to meet all of you! Due to the response, it looks like I’ll be offering these throughout the fall. Email the studio to get the scoop if you’re interested.












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  1. beautiful!!!!

  2. Kellie, I LOVE these!!! I knew you’d get amazing images, and I cannot tell you how thrilled I am with them. Thank you, thank you!

  3. Kellie, these are awesome! My wife looks SO beautiful. You really did capture her amazing beauty, infectious smile, and singular spirit. Thank you!

  4. love these kellie! absolutely inspiring :)

  5. Fantastic, I love them all!!! especially the Black and White.

  6. Wow! Cari, you are beautiful! – Kellie, great work!

  7. Wow! I’m sure I’ll be able to think of something else later but right now I can’t…except wow!

  8. Kellie these are INSANE! Cari is gorgeous and you knocked these out of the park! Love her sweater. Beautiful, beautiful all the way around. Love.

  9. Absolutely amazing. Kellie geeze! I don’t even know her and can tell she has such a beautiful spirit. These are amazing. :)

  10. Cari is so beautiful! Amazing and wonderful! Thank you for sharing these photos!

  11. Cari- you look amazing!! Stunning photos, Kellie! :)

  12. Umm… YEAH!! I’m so excited for your new one-on-ones Kellie! Can I suggest a pay rate? One million dollars. = ) That, or whatever you think is best. Either way, I know you’ll be an INCREDIBLE resource to others in the industry! Almost makes me want to jump back in just so I can have a reason to talk shop. Congrats!

  13. WOW Cari

  14. yowza! these are amazing!!!

  15. Awesome pictures! I love them all, especially the black and white. Kellie, you managed to capture Cari at her best. What great pictures. Thanks for sharing them. Love them, love them.

  16. that first shot makes my head spin. These are just perfection.

  17. Cari is such a beautiful person and these photographs capture her bubbly spirit so well…

  18. The one with the suitcase looks like it’s straight out of a magazine advertising your outfit. Maybe Anthropologie. Great photos! You look beautiful!!

  19. As ALWAYS….you are amazing and she is a doll!!

  20. Wow these are great you look amazing. You look like some cool magazine model.

  21. These are beautiful Kellie!!! I’ve been reaaaaally diggin’ your style lately. Been seein’ some awesome evolution to your creative look lately that I’ve loved. :) Keep it up and keep rockin’ mah socks off. :)

  22. Wow, these are seriously fantastic! That sunflare is GREAT!

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