I’ve shot in a lot of fields over the past year or so, but none of them can match the one in Will’s backyard. That’s right…this entire session was shot at his parents farm. When I pulled up, it was an idyllic scene. Wide open space everywhere you looked…and his mom planting zinnias in the garden next to their beautiful white farmhouse. And that was only the beginning. As we hopped on their golf cart & started exploring the acres of land, I completely fell in love with the beauty at every turn. Even the snake that paid us a visit as we were trekking up the hill to the green pasture made me smile ( after I squealed like a girl, of course :) Carrie & Will couldn’t have picked a location more reflective of who they are as a couple. They are completely at home with each another. A perfect fit. Between Carrie’s classic beauty & Will’s sweet southern charm, I was in heaven behind the lens. My afternoon with these two reminded me, once again, how lucky I am to do what I do. Can’t wait to head back out to the farm for their wedding this fall.

Thanks to Carrie, Will & Sally the dog for a magical afternoon…


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  1. Kellie!!!! Thank you so much! You are SO sweet and SO talented and I LOVE the photos! Can’t wait til October :)

  2. This is chemistry, this is connection. I can feel it through the screen of my macbook. What a beautiful location and it does seem to fit them perfectly! You’re super fantabulous. xoxo.

  3. Kellie… the one of them walking through the field and she is glancing back at him… its priceless. Love the summery goodness of this session. :)

  4. Kellie – What a beautiful shoot! You are the QUEEN of gorgeous locations… way to always do them justice! :)

  5. Great pictures Carrie & Will. Looks like two people in love. Wilbur, you’re getting a heck of a deal. So is Carrie…

  6. oh so beautiful, you can’t do wrong at farms! Love to see Will so happy, my old neighbor and baby I use to babysit!! Gorgeous couple! so pretty Kellie!

  7. Carrie and Will and Kellie! These are BEAUTIFUL!!

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