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Six years ago, I was there. Standing by the water, watching these two promise each other forever & laughing at their witty comments ’til my sides hurt. They are a perfect match. I knew it the very minute we met. And all these years later, they are still one of my favorite memories of 2007…

For the past 3 years Meagan & Joe have trusted me to photograph their little Charlie. Even as a roly-poly 8 month old, she was larger than life. At three and a half, she is the perfect storm of wild & wonderful. A fiery blonde with deep soulful eyes, Charlie chases adventure with every inch of her tiny frame. She is the best subject for true lifestyle work since she rarely stops to breathe. I love that she lets me into her world of three-year-old wonder & forgets the camera is there. Each time I document a slice of her life, she inspires me to live bigger, braver & bolder. Its no surprise she’s turning into an adventurous little human with a beautiful heart. Meagan was meant for motherhood. She lets Charlie just be Charlie. Joe is steady & kind, always patient & ready to laugh with his girls. Their newest addition is Banjo the pup, who has a double dose of personality (see below) & fits pretty seamlessly into their family.

On a windy day in October, we decided to fly a kite. As they ran through this field & played as a family, the days of black & white film sessions flashed through my head. There’s just something about black & white that tells stories so well. The intricate way the sunlight hits their faces & highlights Charlie’s wild blonde hair. The way it draws you in to focus on the real story in front of you…

So I’ve decided to showcase this session in full-documentary style. The first all black & white post in the history of this blog, and hopefully not the last. Meagan, Joe, Charlie & Banjo…thanks for being four spectacular reasons I am so grateful to do what I do.

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  1. Kellie, I love you! This is absolutely stunning! You have captured everything I love about all of these guys — including their crazy dog!

  2. Kellie, I just can’t stop saying thank you! You captured Charlie so perfectly in all her wild-haired, never-stop, I-can-do-it glory. You were right: the best sessions are the ones when everyone is crazy and free. You’re a true artist with an incredible talent, and I’m so glad that we get to be a part of your life. Oh, and you even managed to get a shot of Banjo doing his impression of the Flying Nun ;-)

  3. Ahhhhhh! The photo with the pup with his ears flying is magical!!!!

  4. oh the flying nun pix is a keeper! Love this! Their joy is so beautiful!

  5. I’m really impressed with your writing skills as well as with your images. Keep up the quality writing, it is rare to read a great blog like this these days..

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