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This wedding was the perfect start to our busy season. It was the complete package…a couple SO incredibly in love, two families that share a beautiful connection, a stunning Romona Keveza gown, and lovely, classic details. I found myself at random times throughout the day, feeling so blessed to have crossed paths with such inspirational people….

The day began with a complete downpour and, well, it pretty much rained alllllll day. But the spirit of the day wasn’t dampened a bit….in fact, when I look through Courtney & Wright’s collection of images, I can’t help but smile. The connection Courtney shares with her dad, Brooks, is so darling. I love that she set aside a few special moments before walking down the aisle for just the two of them. The images captured during that sweet moment are some of my favorites of the day ( see below..). Even from our lofty perch on the balcony of the chapel ( church rules..boo! ;), Leah & I could see Courtney & Wright grinning from ear to ear as they said their “i do’s.” Hope you enjoy this peek into their spectacular day…..


























Congrats guys!! Can’t wait to photograph your cute kiddos one day!! ( soon? ;)

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  1. WOW KELLIE, Thank you so much for capturing these on our big day. They are stunning! I am so excited to see them and remember the best day of my life!

  2. My eyes just exploded!! That was amazing!!! :)

  3. AMAZING wedding Kellie! They all rock (as usual), but the portrait with her veil is absolutely stunning!

  4. beautiful images!! loved her veil too!

  5. Wow! These are gorgeous!

  6. Kellie!! These pictures are amazing!! That first one is so romantic!! I love it!! And the one of the dad crying…oh my goodness. I love how you are so great with telling such an amazing story with your camera.

  7. Thank you so much, Kellie, for these gorgeous pictures. As the groom’s mother, I was often so busy greeting people, watching my son, his bride, and my daughter (maid-of-honor) that I seemed to miss other things that were going on. Having a photographer who can capture not just the people, places, and events, but also the emotions is priceless. You definitely succeeded, and I can’t wait to see more. I can’t choose a favorite picture as they are all so special, but I’m definitely thrilled by the veil picture – it is my veil that I was honored to have Courtney wear.

  8. gorgeous images! LOVE the one with the veil kissing in the aisle! awesomeness!

  9. Good grief! As soon as I think you can’t possibly get any better you post these amazing photographs. Please explain to me how you turn an empty room into a work of art. Stunning images.

  10. Oh for crying out loud. This was eyegasmic :D When do I get to come play?! :D

  11. Oh my goodness, the pictures are amazing! I am one of the bridesmaids and I think they really captured the emotions of the day!

  12. Kellie–As the maid of honor and sister of the groom, I have been able to see your film as quickly as Courtney has been able to lay her hands on it. Each set of photos leaves me more and more amazed and impressed. I can’t explain how happy I am that you have captured with such artistry these cherished moments for us to enjoy for years to come. The passion and sensitivity with which you approach your work is unmistakeable. I would be thrilled to have you photograph my wedding some day. All you have to do is help me find MY “Mr. Wright”:). ps. I had tons of fun on the shoots–let me know if you need a veil-tosser in the future!!!

  13. Such stunning work, Kellie! I’ve learned quite a bit just by looking through your blog!

  14. Way to tear it up girl!

  15. Jesus, Kellie. I don’t know which it is. That beautiful people find you, or that the people you shoot all become beautiful. The shot with the flower girls is stunning. And Dad wiping his eye made me cry. ; )

  16. WOW. You truly have a gift. The first one is my favorite! Totally cool how her ring and earring still pops when it’s in black&white!

  17. You did a splendid job visually sharing with us the moments with each picture above. I met some really wonderful people during Courtney & Wright’s wedding & believe you captured the emotion & thoughts of each of them above. Each picture has a story of it’s own –from the touching photo of Courtney’s dad,to Wright sharing a moment with Emily on the dance floor, the lovely picture of Courtney dancing with her handsome fella, and finally to Elizabeth dancing and showing us her luminous smile- I definately felt that you brought back the memories. Wonderful job!! – Pinchy Mohanty (one of the bridesmaids)

  18. I am absolutely in love with the first image and the chapel shot with the veil. Awesome job!!

  19. Beautiful Kellie!!! The first shot is my absolute favorite! What an adorable couple. I love how they are always smiling.

  20. I am an avid blog stalker, but I just HAD to comment on this post…absolutely stunning work!!

  21. Just looking at these photos brings a smile to face. I see joy and happiness in each photo. How do you do that? What a gift to give a young couple. If their memories ever fade they will have these photos to remind them of their special moments. God bless your talents and may they always be shared with others. Yes, I’m a proud Mom.

  22. I LOVE the first shot! Love the expression on her face!

  23. ok…so, second comment on one post. Not only are the pictures beautiful, but I LOVE the jewelry the bride is wearing! Any chance she’d share where she got it?

  24. Thanks Robyn (and everyone else)! The necklace I wore was a gift from my husband. He designed it and had it made for me. The earrings were an amazing find because they matched the necklace so well … I got them at a bridal store here in Charlotte called J. Majors. The bracelet I wore came from Nordstrom. The broach worn on my dress at the reception came from J. Majors as well. Thanks for the compliments!

  25. Thanks for sharing! What a beautiful gift! You must feel very lucky! :) Congratulations to you both!!

  26. So perfect! These are all so beautiful! Great work!

  27. These pictures are fabulous! I can’t believe how you caught the feelings in your pictures. Makes me tear up to look at these, and we were there!!!

  28. you are brilliant.

  29. I recently came across your website and blog and I wanted to write how beautiful your work is. Your photos are stunning!

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