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I’ve been photographing Isabella since she was 5 months old. She’s so comfortable around me at this point that our sessions are more like play-dates than photo shoots. I love the little sparkle that pops up in her eyes when she giggles…

She showed up for our latest session with a sidekick…baby sister Audrey, who also happens to have the same sparkly baby blues. They make the cutest mini fairies I’ve ever seen :) isabella_bw_b










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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these! Absolutely adorable little girls and wonderful photos Kellie!

  2. Oh my gosh – my heart just melted! So adorable!! :)

  3. Kellie…what can I say? You have done it again! I love the magical fairyland you created for my little girls. They make me smile & cry every single time I look at them (and I won’t tell you how many times I’ve looked-but that might be because I lost count)!

  4. These are amazing pictures Kellie! These photos make me miss my little pumpkins so much and they capture Isabella’s personality so well! They are awesome!!!

  5. The girls are absolutely adorable! The pictures really capture the moment…perfect!

  6. Beautiful!!! What great pictures!

  7. Beautiful work! I must look you up for my “Little Miss”.

  8. What can I say, you have worked magic. You have captured the wonder and joy of childhood. And Isabella and Audrey are such great models. Isabella IS a little ham and you caught that sparkle in her eye and her bits of impishness. Maybe she gets some of it from her “Pa”. You have some absolutely awesome black & white shots. You work magic with a camera.

  9. These are beautiful!

  10. Kellie your talent is amazing. Thank you.

  11. Such cutie pies!!!!

  12. These are the most beautiful photo’s i have ever seen!!! What beautiful angels!!!!

  13. These pictures are amazing! Beautiful girls! You guys are so blessed!

  14. These are AMAZING!!

  15. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE these oh my goodness what sweet pictures! And beautiful ringlets of curls! Have I mentioned how amazing you are? You’ve truly been blessed with a gift!

  16. Great Pictures!!!!

  17. These girls are absolutely adorable! Love them both (and their mom & dad too)!

  18. Beautiful-Just like their Mom And of course their Dad. And maybe a little of Grandma Sue.

  19. Sweetness! They are the perfect fairy children.

  20. Oh my gosh. The first two, STUNNIING in BW. Love.

  21. WOW!! They look so beautiful. Gorgeous pictures for gorgeous girls!

  22. Pure magic! I don’t know how you do it – but you have truly captured the essence of these beautiful little girls!

  23. Kellie you are simply amazing! These could not be any more precious. The first color photo is so sweet…I love that curly hair! Melanie and Eddie-your girls are beautiful!

  24. Oh- c’mon—how psyched is this Mom???? From Rissa’s Mom!

  25. OMG!! Something out of a magazine just beautiful! Love their little dresses. The colors are perfect!

  26. i’m speechless. these are just amazing! i love that you capture personality …. Bravo!

  27. God bless the two little angels- they’re sooo gorgeous!!

  28. These photos are absolutely GORGEOUS!!! The girls are so ADORABLE! I love the fairy theme. How beautiful!

  29. These photos are absolutely gorgeous!

  30. Such precious photos. Kudos to the photographer for capturing how gorgeous both girls are!!!! For once I am truly speechless!

  31. Adorable! Love the fairy wonderland!

  32. Wow…LOOOOVE THESE PHOTOS!!!! adorable!!!!! totally made me change my mind on what I want my flowergirl to wear for my wedding! haha. I love those little dresses!! Do you know where on earth their mother got them? I love the first two with the balloons. so adorable!

  33. This is the website where I ordered the dresses. Laurie will work with you on colors, styles etc. They look really good-a little see thru up close, but really cute. You could probably have her make them thicker.

  34. the dresses are from: http://www.lauriestutuboutique.com/

  35. You should always see joy in a child’s face…so I guess everyone should have you photograph their children. These children look joyeously happy. Good work Kellie. Great job Mom and Dad. Keep those girls smiling.

  36. Absolutely love these photos. Isabella makes you just fall in love, don’t you think?? Love, LOVE the black & white one of Isabella and Audrey both laughing and the color one just above it, PRECIOUS!

  37. My Great Nieces look adorable! Great photos.

  38. These photos capture Isabella’s beauty and personality. Audrey is precious also. Wonderful family.

  39. LOVE them!!! The pictures have captured the joy and wonder that children have. Great job!

  40. Amazing photography and absolute beautiful models!

  41. I just stumbled upon these photos. Absolutely beautiful photographs. Amazing.

  42. […] gummy grin totally stole my heart. Its hard to believe almost 2 years have passed since their last session with me. I was thrilled when Melanie called to book a shoot for the entire family. Isabella & […]

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