I’m a list-maker. Always have been. I think it comes from juggling a zillion hours of writing courses in college. One of my favorite journalism professors gave homework assignments in list format, and I was that crazy student who actually loved adding little check marks beside each task. If it wasn’t on the list, it probably wasn’t going to get done…so yeah…I’ve spent the better part of a decade drowning in lists. But through the years only ONE list stands out to me. I made it the first day I signed the lease on my studio, sitting in the floor of the place I would call home for the next 3 years..wondering what the heck I had gotten myself into. I had just signed away three years of my life & all I could think about was making a list of goals. ( welcome to my only Type-A tendency! Thankfully after running this place for the past few years, I’ve mellowed out a bit ;)

Now this list wasn’t just a “get furniture, make studio pretty” list. It was serious business. It was reaching into the big dream pocket & pulling out the BIG ones. Like “shoot out of the country” ( check! ), “win first place in a photo competition” ( check! ) and “get featured on Style Me Pretty”… ( as of Tuesday…check! ) From the minute Style Me Pretty hit the web, it was the place to be for brides looking for inspiration & the place all wedding pros wanted to see their work featured. So thanks to Abby, Shawna, Erin & the rest of the crew at Style Me Pretty, my goal list is complete. And thanks to my sweet couple Beatriz & Dwayne for creating such an airy, chic wedding day that perfectly suited them. Their full blog post is coming up next, but in the meantime, head over to Style Me Pretty to get a little taste of what’s to come.

I’m off to make a new goal list :)




And while I’m in a news-sharing mood…I’m thrilled to announce you can find me in SMP’s Little Black Book of preferred vendors here:

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  1. <–jealous!! :) But so incredibly thrilled for you Kellie, I know of no one more deserving than you and I am so proud to see you have accomplished so much in such a short period of time. It’s really inspiring for someone like me. :) Confession: it’s on my Goal List too! :)

  2. Proud of you! And LOVE the feature! Here’s my list: Get the know the coolest photographer ever… CHECK!

  3. Congratulations!! :)

  4. Lauren-you are so sweet! I have no doubt you’ll be checking it off your list soon, my friend :) Jo-connecting with people like you makes me love my job just that much more. You are the best, my dear! ♥ to you both!

  5. So glad we could be a part of this moment. x Bea and Dwayne

  6. Hit daughter in head with camera at young age…Check…watch her become world famous photographer….Check…Congratulations Kellie! We’re proud of you for all you’ve accomplished.

  7. Way to go Kellie!! So awesome! Not surprised at my uber-talented and oh-so-determined friend and her stellar success! Kuddos!

  8. So so so so so AMAZING Kellie! I can’t think of anyone more deserving!

  9. Congrats! I’m glad to hear that you were a writer in college. I am always telling Gib what an amazing writer you are as well as photographer!

  10. What an amazing journey you’re on, Kellie! I would love to be a fly on the wall in the studio when you sit to brainstorm your next list of to-do’s!! Congrats!!

  11. Congratulations! But, we all know you could have been on there long ago and we know this won’t be the last time : ) Much deserved!

  12. Congrats, Kellie!! Such an AMAZING job and so very well deserved!! I always look forward to seeing your blog updates!!

  13. I love this post because I read it on day two of sitting in my own new studio space. I hope I am as successful at my list as you have been with yours. You rock weddings like no other! I don’t shoot weddings but love to check out your blog and see what amazing wedding images you have created. Congrats on the feature–very well deserved!

  14. Congrats Kellie! You deserve every bit of success that comes your way!

  15. Congratulations!! But no surprise here, you are amazing!

  16. woohoo! you desere every bit of recognition! xoxo

  17. I’m not surprised =) Congratulations, your work is so inspiring and I am very happy for you!

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