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I just got the film scans back from my editorial shoot with Rounder Records artist, Vienna Teng, and just had to share… The double exposures we played around with actually turned out pretty cool. Its been so long since I’ve shot my hassy, I was pretty thrilled they turned out at all…( I forgot my light meter was broken, so I had to wing it on guessing my exposures! ;) After shooting my first 25 weddings solely with medium format film ( and only 24 exposures per roll…gasp!!) it really makes you appreciate how far digital techology has come in this industry.

Any fellow photogs out there who started out with hasselblads too? Drop me a line and let me know what you’re shooting with now…did ya go Canon or Nikon? And do you agree there’s a softness and depth to film that the digital world still can’t touch? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Happy Friday everyone!








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  1. Holy cow. These turned out spectacular!!! :-D

  2. These are so incredibly beautiful!!! I really love each of these. Nice work!

  3. Kellie, these are so beautiful. Truly amazing work!

  4. Holy Cow is right! That first shot is fantastic. I still love the rare happy accidents you get with film. I hope one or more of these wind up on her CD, including the cover. Great work!

  5. beautiful Kellie! Yep, I started out with my dad’s hass and then went to Canon! :D

  6. hey kellie….i love my hassy and it was hard to put it away for digital…just so sexy a feel in your hands when doing a shoot….btw, your work is fabulous and it’s making me want to pick up the film bug too! thanx for sharing.

  7. Your photos + Vienna Teng = 2 favorites in 1!! I LOVE your work!!!

  8. Kellie…these are great! I love what film does, especially in outdoor shots. I know absolutely NOTHING about photography, but I just love the differences that film brings sometimes. Truly amazing work!

  9. Kellie, these photos are absolutely amazing! I was reminded about how long it has been since I had spent some time with your blog when I received your email today. I took a little break, went to your page and it was a like a visit with an old friend. I love the texture and soft lighting in these photos. Wow is really all I can say!

  10. these are really nice. i don’t use a hassy but i totally agree with you that there’s something about film that is organic and digital will never replace!

  11. Hi Kelly,
    I’m a graphic designer and was turned onto your site by a friend. I’m blown away by your artistry on these shots. I have to know. Did you enhance any of them using Photoshop, especially the first one? You are awesome. I would love to know more about photography. I took a beginner class in college back in the 80’s and even built a pin-hole camera. That was a blast in the dark room. Then moved up to a manual Pintax. I still have it but won’t use it because everything is all digital now. Anyway, I really enjoyed looking at your work.

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