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You know those couples who are the very, very best of friends & madly in love at the same time? Well, here’s one :) Heather & Jamie are so sweet together, its as if the rest of the world fades away when they’re together. They are truly focused on each other. I can picture them 50 years from now still kissing like crazy & holding hands everywhere they go. I adore that…..

After meeting Heather’s parents, Jim & Frankie, I knew immediately where Heather got her caring nature. They are two of the warmest souls I’ve had the pleasure of working for. Hopefully this little glimpse into Jamie & Heather’s wedding day will show you just how close-knit this family is ( see Heather & Jim’s dance below…. )

**Oh, and apparently Heather is quite the little good luck charm…. the UNC Tar Heels won the NCAA championship the year she was born, the year she graduated college, and…you guessed it….the NIGHT OF HER WEDDING!! What are the odds?! Since 90% of the guests at the wedding were Carolina fans, they had the game playing on the big screen at the reception ( hence the gal in the ram’s head mask below :) Now onto the pics….










Heather’s mom & brother, getting ready to walk…

a sweet moment with dad..








the centerpieces were so pretty….

Thanks to my amazing assistant Leah for grabbing this sweet series…













Congrats guys! Thanks for having us share in your amazing day!!

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  1. Those little umbrellas are TOO cute!

  2. KELLIE! Jamie and I have just been scrolling up and down the preview for the last 30+ minutes, and can’t tell you how ecstatic we are!! It is crazy how you caught all of the emotions of the day – we had such a perfect wedding, and it has been such a blast to be able to sit here together and laugh and cry our way through that day all over again through your pictures. We seriously cannot thank you and Leah enough for your amazing work. Can’t wait to see the rest! Much love, Heather & Jamie

  3. Kellie- I can’t pull myself away from your photographs! The day just flies by when you are in the moment, but these just give me a glimpse of what you have in store for us. You and Leah are amazing photographers and such a joy to work with. Thank you so much for capturing our day. We will always have your pictues to help us remember how truly blessed we are. Frankie

  4. Extraordinary photographs, as usual. The aisle shot is classic. I love the sepia toning too. The clothes may be out of style 50 years from now but the photography won’t be.

  5. Great job Kellie!

  6. Beautiful job Kellie. I love love love the shot of her with her head down on her dad’s shoulder. So precious.

  7. Kellie- We have had a running joke for almost a year that there are no wedding photographers in Charlotte. As you know Frankie and I drove to Greensboro to meet Heather & Jamie to interview you almost a year a ago and hired you on the spot. We all had a great feeling about you. After seeing these photos I am so thankful we did not interview any Charlotte wedding photographers. Outstanding Job !

  8. These are gorgeous, Kellie! And I LOVE the expression on the groom’s face in the cake-smush shot. :)

  9. Great photos as usual! I particularly love the one of mom and brother. So often those pics get left off of the blogs! I love seeing how happy EVERYONE is! :-)

  10. what i like about your style is it looks like these came from a movie. clean lines and great for a story board. sometimes it is better to just bring it back to the basics. :)

  11. Kellie Kellie Kellie… these are so amazingly gorgeous. You’ve done a stunning job for these people yet again. You keep on inspiring us every time we see a new entry on your blog. Seriously, stop blowing us away so much. ;) Can’t you take a moment to just be awesome instead of always being so freakin’ super-dooper cool awesomenest?

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