09.29.2009 | filed under: inspiration

Before we unleash the blog madness from our last 2 weeks of non-stop shooting, I have some fun news to share. Two of my fellow Photogirls have just launched exciting new projects that you guys should definitely check out!! My favorite southern belle, miss Brooke Mayo, has just released her new book, “Diving Doggies” & I can’t wait to grab a copy for my dog-loving sister-in-law! Everything Brooke does is sprinkled with sassy southern goodness, so there’s no doubt this book will be a treat for dog-lovers everywhere. Go pick up your copy here!!


And I’m suuuper excited to share this sneak peek at my girl Maile’s latest project!! I’ve had a hard time trusting my cameras to anything but the boring old Lowepro backpacks on family trips, so I can’t WAIT to pick up one of these beauties to keep my gear safe when I’m taking my boys to the zoo or the park. Go get the scoop on these chic new camera bags here!!!


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