So much can change in a week. Thanks to the uplifting emails, voicemails & tweets I received from clients, colleagues, blog readers & friends over the past week… I’m back in a happy place. To all of you who took the time to send love & thoughts…thank-you. Here’s a squeeze from me to you..xo

The past 2 weeks have been so jam-packed with good news ( as in game-changing, cartwheel-inducing news ) it would take me 3 blog posts to include it all, and since there aren’t enough hours in the day to write 3 separate blog posts, I’m working on cramming it all into one. Hoping to share early next week, so keep an eye out. And in case you’re curious…I really DID do a cartwheel last week. Lets just say my acrobat days are long gone. In a word…ouch.

So my real purpose of this post? Jackie & Brandon. Their mountainside wedding in Little Switzerland was a little slice of heaven with a double dose of heart. It didn’t surprise me a bit that every element of their wedding day was crafted with love. From the stunning ceremony arbor, to the whimsical bouquets, Jackie’s mom Patricia added her designer touch to every detail. As breathtaking as the view from the mountainside was, I found myself drawn to the connections that exist within this sweet family. If you know Jackie, you know how warm & wonderful she is. She’s the type of person who makes you feel like a million bucks the very first time you meet. Being around her makes even the cloudiest of days cheery & bright. She found the perfect match in Brandon. He is the yin to her yang. They balance each other out perfectly. Brandon has 2 great loves…his camaro and Jackie ( though not necessarily in that order ;) and over the past year I’ve found that having those 2 things around is the best way to get him to smile. His face lit up when he saw Jackie round the corner for their first look, and the hug they shared was one of my favorite moments of the day ( see below ). Their ceremony was filled with laughter & tears…and the party that ensued was one of the most fun I’ve ever photographed. From start to finish their wedding day was beautifully homespun, heartfelt & an absolute blast for everyone in attendance.

Thanks to Jackie & Brandon for having us…you guys are the best. Lots of love to you both.

Dress: Maggie Sottero
Shoes: Badgley Mischka
Hair: Salon Icon
Bridesmaid Dresses: Calvin Klein
Suits: Adolfo
Florals: designed by Jackie’s mom Patricia
Band: Rubberband

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  1. OH MY LOVE! Jax… beautiful, just beautiful. Kellie… always a rockstar. Love the pics. oxo

  2. Oh Lordy, Lordy. These are just too sweet! I can’t wait to hear about your big news!! XO!

  3. Absolutely beautiful pictures Kellie!!! Jackie and Brandon you both look incredible…congrats again to the both of you!

  4. LOVE these!! Beautiful! Jackie you were a Gorgeous bride!!!

  5. Kellie – you’re amazing! How you manage to snap these pictures in the middle of a spontaneous moment is genius. Thank you thank you for your talent and your being a part of J & B’s day. These photos evoke every emotion I felt in my heart and head on May 7…can’t wait to see the rest. XO!

  6. BEAUTIFUL! I teared up just looking at these! :)

  7. Love love love love them!!!!!! Can’t wait to get started with you!!

  8. Kellie!!! AWESOME AS ALWAYS :) It felt like I was reliving the wedding all over again!! J&B we are so happy for you guys! We Love you both! xoxo

  9. Beautiful!!!!!

  10. Love it! So beautiful. You have such an amazing gift that brings so much happiness to others. A special gift that no one else can give a newlywed couple and their families memories that will last a life time! I love the LOVE I can feel coming through my computer screen. Lots of love! Can’t wait to hear the rest of the news! xo!

  11. A-mazing!!! Every picture was more beautiful that the one before!

  12. Awesome pics…love them!

  13. How beautiful!!! I am so sad that we missed it!! the pictures are amazing and capture every emotion!

  14. These pictures are absolutely beautiful!!! Jackie and Brandon you both look amazing! I am so glad I was able to share your special day with y’all! Xoxo

  15. GREAT PHOTOS!!! You all look AMAZING!!! Best wishes to you both! I LOVE YALL!!!!

  16. In LOVE with these pictures!! You captured every beautiful moment of this beautiful couple’s special day! Can’t wait to see more :) Love you Jack and Bran!

  17. The light is perfection during the ceremony. Ahhh! Beautiful job.

  18. Kellie, these are stunning. That first look is EPIC and the dance/reception shots are too amazing. Beautiful beautiful shots!

  19. Kellie. There are absolutely just no words to explain the happiness I felt in my heart when I saw these on your blog. You are the most amazing photographer, and I was blessed to have you there on the biggest, most special day of our lives; which you captured exactly. Love you!

  20. Ahhhh I love these!! Jackie you are so gorgeous!!!!

  21. Great Pictures, I cried after looking at them

  22. GORGEOUS!!! Always creative and always in the right place at the right time. You’re clients are lucky to have you!!! xo

  23. So beautiful!!! I love the pup picture :)

  24. $weet pic$ Jackie!! The back-lit $hot$ look awe$ome

  25. These are stunning! I haven’t ever witnessed another bride as happy as you! Everything about that day and these pictures are perfect! xoxo

  26. Love the ring shot! So beautiful Kellie!!

  27. All I kept saying when I saw these pictures were oh my gosh these are the most beautiful pictures i have ever seen oh my gosh these are the most beautiful pictures i’ve ever seen. The wedding was amazing, Jackie you look so gorgeous, and the moments were captured perfectly.

  28. Gorgeous!!!! Congratulations!

  29. Love your pics! They are so beautiful! :)

  30. Biscuit, these are AMAZING! I love every last one of them.. you and Brandon are the most perfect couple and I’m glad you have so many breath-taking shots of your big day. I can only hope that Kellie is still in the photography business when I finally get married. Lol. Love.

  31. Wow…the shot of him lifting her up and the mountains in the background…GAVE ME CHILLS!!! Super job Kellie. LOVE IT! She’s absolutely gorgeous too. Love her hair and dress. Everything.

  32. Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! Jackie & Brandon, we call this “Kellie Kano Magic”!!!!!!! We are so happy for you both, thanks for including us in such a special day! We love you guys!!!!!!!!!!

  33. The wonderful memories live on through these beautiful pictures! They capture the feeling of the night. Congratulations and best wishes Jackie and Brandon!

  34. These pictures are wonderful!!! I have never been to a wedding that was filled with as much love and happiness as Jackies and Brandon’s. There was laughter, smiles, tears and pure happiness all around. The pictures of the first look are the most amazing pictures I have ever seen. What an amazing photographer Kellie is!!! All I can say is WOW!!!! Love you Jackie and Brandon!!!!

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