Jennings & I go waaaay back. We were best buddies in middle school & danced with the same company throughout high school. If you’re a friend of mine on Facebook, you might have seen the hilarious “dance troupe” shots in my photo gallery. Look closely & you’ll see Jennings in there too… (hint: she’s the cute little blonde in the front row…and yes, she’s probably going to kill me now ;) Truth is, she’s an amazing dancer & I wanted to incorporate those dance roots into a few of her & Brennen’s engagement shots. I think that’s why I love this first image so much…it has such a graceful feel…

I love that my job has reconnected me with so many people from years past. Can’t wait to photograph these two again in June!




If you google “happiness” you just might see this photo pop up…




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  1. LOVE THESE PICS…as always Kellie – you rocked it – and had beautiful people to share their story :)

  2. Love the second to last pic with the light shining in through the tunnel… stunning!!

  3. Kellie!! They are gorgeous!!!!! I love each and every one!!!! Can’t wait till April!!!

  4. the light is beautiful…and the location is just killer. great work!

  5. AWWWW!! Such a cute couple! They’re adorable! :D

  6. Gorgeous as always… LOVE you!

  7. Kellie, of course I am biased but they are awesome! Love them! Can’t wait until June!!!

  8. Hey Kellie! I’m sure you remember me as a “Dancin’ Dad” of Ms. Kathy’s Dance Group!
    Your work is incredible and almost brought a tear to my eye. I look forward to seeing many more photos ! And isn’t my future son-in-law awesome!?

  9. Love the snow shot. You just keep getting better!

  10. Absolutely amazing Kellie! You can feel the love beaming through these shots :)

  11. yum, yum, yum. The end. :)

  12. You are a crazy master of light. LOVE how you work it in each shot! And I think this may be the first snow shot I’ve seen on the blog! :)

  13. Too Cute !!

  14. I love the first one and the flare shot with the big tree. GORGEOUS!

  15. Thanks guys! Love to you all :)

  16. What beautiful photos Kellie and wonderful subjects too! :) As their Auntie Pammie, I look forward to seeing much more of you. Thank you for sharing.

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