I have history with Jennings that goes all the way back to middle school. She has always been the life of the party & has never been afraid to just be herself. I love that about her. She lives boldly, laughs bigger than anyone I know, and soaks in every. single. moment. Even in 7th grade, she had a very specific idea of the man of her dreams & after spending time with Brennen, I can honestly say he is the guy for her. He gives the greatest hugs, makes everyone around him feel welcome & loved, and treats Jennings like the most precious treasure on earth. They laugh more than any couple I’ve ever photographed & dance like they’ve been married for a lifetime. They are a perfect fit & I can’t wait to see what the future holds for them…

Thanks to Jennings, Brennen & their families for sharing this spectacular day with us. You guys know how to throw a party…this was, without a doubt, reception of the year :)

**A special thanks goes out to the altar guild at St. Francis by the Sea for allowing us to snap a few shots during the ceremony. They typically do not allow photographs in the church, but made an exception so we could capture the sweet moments below. We are grateful..thank-you!

Dress- Romona Keveza
Shoes- Kate Spade
Flowers- Roger Carter
Groomsmen Ties- R. Hanauer, Inc.
Reception Venue- Coral Bay Club
Band- Simply Irresistible
















Katie’s shot:










Katie’s shot:

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  1. oh kellie!! you have really outdone yourself! :) what a gorgeous gorgeous wedding with gorgeous gorgeous images to match. you really are fantastic!

  2. LOVE LOVE THEM!!!!!! What a great night to remember!! Thank you Kellie!!!

  3. OH MY GOODNESS!! I feel like I was there…laughing and dancing too! Great photos (as always) and Jennings – CONGRATULATIONS, girl!!

  4. so in love… all over again…

  5. They are gorgeous!!! Knew they would be with Jennings as the bride…wonderful job Kellie!

  6. goodness gracious alive! I’m going to be late to my meeting because I am in my hotel room looking through these on my computer, iPhone was not enough!!!! Love every one! Especially the french fry pic because i NEVER saw it!!!! THANK YOU KELLIE for making this such a spectacular blog, can’t WAIT for the gallery!!!!

  7. Kellie, you outdo yourself every single time. Gorgeous!

  8. WOW!!! These pictures are the best captured Wedding I have ever seen. Everyone looks so happy and what a gorgeous day all around. Thank you for sharing with me. CONGRATUATIONS to both!

  9. Beautiful Pictures Kellie!!! Congrats Jennings!

  10. HOLY AMAZINGNESS Kellie. Seriously…I don’t know how you do it. This looked like such a beautiful day and you captured every moment perfectly. I’m so thankful you found doing what you love and share it with the rest of the world. Love love love!

  11. sooo yummy! love these pictures! They are amazing. I look like the night was well worth it in that picture! I feel like you caught a little bit of every memory! PHENOMENAL job!

  12. I’m dying over the gorgeous shoes and the groomsman tie/bout shot :) I love me some details.

  13. So much fun! Beautiful-creative shots! V

  14. The shoes… oh, the shoes! Love them! All beautiful, of course :-)

  15. Jennings is even more beautiful and full of life than she was in High School. Georgous wedding and your photography captured an obviously loving couple.

  16. Kellie YOU ROCK!!!! These are AMAZING!!!!

  17. Love these photos!!! Beautiful shots!

  18. beautiful!!!!!! kellie, you are amazing!

  19. Gorgeous! Just Gorgeous Kellie!

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