I used to think there was a secret to life-long marriages. Every time I saw a gray haired couple walking together, holding hands I couldn’t help but wonder what their trick was. Lucky for me ( and them ) I figured it out before actually tapping one of them on the shoulder to ask.. ;)

The truth is, there is no secret. No trick. And I have Jenny & Brett to thank for the answer to this question. How does a newlywed couple have the answer to a lifelong marriage, you ask? Watch the slideshow below & tell me if they look like most couples you know that have been together for 13 ( yes, THIRTEEN ) years. They put each other first, they live in the moment & they aren’t afraid to just love. These two are like peanut butter & jelly…really great on their own, but nothing short of magic when you put them together. There’s no doubt in my mind that they’ll eventually join the ranks of those happy gray-haired couples…

Until then, I hope to be able to document this family as they grow from 2 to 3 ( which has already happened thanks to a cute black lab named Echo ) and 3 to… 4 :) After watching them with Jenny’s niece & nephew, Zoe & Rowan..its pretty obvious they’ll make amazing parents. There wasn’t a single moment of their wedding day that I didn’t love, but if I had to choose a favorite..it would be their first-look ( see below ).

Jenny & Brett..thanks for allowing us to end 2010 on a major high. Lots of love to you both..

Dress- Jim Hjelm
Fur stole- Nordstrom
Shoes- Nina
Flowers- University Florist
Hair & Makeup- SalonBlu
Transportation- Old South Trolley Co.
Cake- Caketacular
DJ- Greg Ramsey with Joe Bunn & Co.

Two favorites taken by Ben, who also happens to be my little ( can you call 24 little? ) brother.. I love the way he sees the world through his lens:

To see the rest of Jenny & Brett’s day, click below. Song courtesy of Joshua Radin:

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  1. Patty cake under the veil??? You’re killing me! Awesome stuff as usual…

  2. :) :) :) :) :) Perfection Kellie seriously. I agree the patty-cake under the veil is amazing. That flower girl is so cute. This looked like a wonderful wedding and also a reminder of what true love is..you are the best Kellie! xoxo

  3. These are unbelievable! So beautiful!

  4. Made me cry…just like I did at the wedding. You really captured their love and joy! Thanks so much for giving us these memories of that special day. Aunt Anne Marie!!!

  5. Fantastic. Just fantastic. I can only imagine how over the moon Jenny and Brett are for their photos! You did an incredible job with both their engagements and wedding. Oh, if only I had a time machine! :)

  6. These pictures are just beyond what you even dream of…we are in love with them!! Thank you so much, Kellie, for capturing all of the love and emotions on such a special day!! You truly surprise us each and every time we see your work. So perfect!

  7. Kellie, your work is always so incredible. I LOVE the patty cake under the veil… that is so precious!

  8. Absolutely stunning!

  9. LOVE being half way caught up at work and getting to finally catch up on your blogs:) This wedding was beautiful! Your talent is beyond amazing!!!

  10. This was such a wonderful wedding, I love you guys both soo much! (: This actually made me want to have a black and white wedding, too. xoxo- Unkies. <3

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