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I love the way some people float into your life so seamlessly, its as if they were always there. Julia is one of those people for me. Two years ago she walked into my studio, with a bounce in her step & a smile on her face…so eager to take her photography to the next level. We connected instantly. Maybe its the fact that we share the same views on the photography industry, maybe its that we both prefer to shoot life as it happens, or maybe its just that we were always meant to be friends. Whatever it is…I’m grateful to have this girl in my life. Over the past 2 years I’ve watched her spread her wings as an artist and a mother & cheered her on every step of the way. She always tells me she’s my biggest fan, but I’m here to tell you…its the other way around. There’s something purely magic about having her in front of my lens. I knew she was a bundle of sunshine the minute I met her, but to see her with her family takes it to a whole new level. She & Jona are deliriously happy together. And with Quin thrown in the mix, the cute factor goes straight through the roof. It may be a stretch to think that he remembered me from our last session but I have never had a toddler be more comfortable during a shoot.

Its every photojournalists dream to have their subjects forget about the camera, and the person behind it…and just BE. That’s exactly what happened at the end of this session. We put Quin in the water & it was as if the rest of the world melted away. For those brief moments I caught a glimpse of his sweet little spirit & felt so lucky to do what I do. Here’s a peek into the sweetness that is the Wade family…

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  1. I’m obsessed with every single one of these images of my friend and her adorable family. You have such a gift Kellie – these are beautiful!

  2. OH MY! love this family and Julia’s work as well! Kellie it just instantly made me look forward to our family session next year with our little baby boy! Beautilful Julia and Kellie! What a cutie Quinn is, love watching him grow on your blog Kellie!

  3. Kellie Kano.. I have no words. What a priceless and precious gift you’ve given my family. We love you and you best believe there will be MANY years to come of Wade family Kellie Kano posts! Could not adore every shot more. xoxo

  4. I am CRAZY IN LOVE with these! Julia-your family is just gorgeous and full of love…and the photo of Quin’s curls…*gasp* Kellie- you are incredibly talented!

  5. Love these so so much! The photo of Quin’s duck curls is a standout. Reminds me of my own boys long wispy curls before the first haircut. It’s a moment to treasure. Beautiful work, Kellie!!!

  6. Wow, Julia and her men are gorgeous, and these pictures are just breathtaking! I want photos like this of my own family!!!

  7. You are a gift to Grandparents Kellie. We love Jona, Julia and Quin so much – and enjoy seeing their love preserved in print. Quin’s footprints are priceless.

  8. Oh my goodness! So darn cute! That is one beautiful child.

  9. These are amazing! What an adorable little boy!

  10. He’s so precious! :) What a sweet little family!

  11. What a great package, beautiful photos, beautiful subjects, and warm supportive words. Well done KK, well done.

  12. Oh, sweet Julia, you know I just adore you and your sweet family! These images are amazing…Kellie, you are some kind of talented. xx

  13. Your photography makes me want to have a family just so I can have you take the photos. :D

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