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Lately it feels like life is moving at mock speed & I’m sprinting to catch up. I know all my photo friends can relate…its a miracle if we get a full 8 hours of sleep during peak wedding season. Last week I literally fell asleep with my Macbook on my lap & awoke to the thump it made when it hit the floor. Luckily it didn’t have far to fall, so no damage was done…but I’m pretty sure that marked the end of my 2am edit-fests :)

May came & went in a flash, and starting tomorrow this blog is going to be busting at the seams with sweet imagery from our first two weddings of the month. But before I can dive into the weddings, I have an amazing guy to introduce you to. At the end of April, Logan spent his birthday with me… talking shop, creating goals and getting inspired to take a few giant leaps this year. After reviewing his portfolio, I couldn’t believe he wasn’t a member of the AGWPJA or ISPWP, so hopefully by the end of the year you’ll see his name on both sites. He’s a fierce talent with a keen photojournalistic eye, and his work is more than worthy of recognition. He’s spent the past few years making a name for himself in the NC market & I have a feeling you’ll be seeing his work pop up on wedding blogs across the country soon…

Since we talked for almost 6 hours straight, we ended up racing the clock as the sun dipped below the clouds.. so all the images below were shot in the last 30 minutes of sunset. Turns out, Logan is pretty stellar in front of the lens and has some tricky boomerang hat skills up his sleeve :)










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  1. These are awesome! Love the laughing ones!

  2. LJ in the house. These are great, Logan.

  3. Kellie these are great and really capture Logan’s personality. Logan, glad to see you in front the camera my friend!!

  4. Wow Kellie! I love these. I’m an introvert and you really made me come alive. You were so much fun to work with. Now I know why all your clients love you. Now, I’m one and I love you too! Thank you!

  5. Great shots! Yep, the photographer never gets his picture taken. Oddly, I’ve got 100,000 photos of my daughter and 4 of me. I especially love the hat trick.

  6. I love it!

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