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I photographed Kym & Burke’s wedding in 2007 & have been documenting their growing family ever since. They drive in from Virginia twice a year for updated photos & make my day every time they walk through the door. The first time I met Kym I knew that we were kindred spirits. She has a heart like no other & was truly born to be a mom. She & Burke are such incredible parents & I feel blessed to get to share little slices of their journey with them…

After photographing Lucie for 2 years, she’s practically a pro in front of the lens, but I have a feeling even she was thinking we were NUTS during this session. I know I said Ariel & Steve’s shoot was the hottest ever, but this one was a pretty close second. Its hard to believe a 2 year old & 6 month old handled 90 degree heat ( yes, its still 90 degrees at sunset in the south! ) & smiled the entire time. They blew me away with their cuteness & I hope these images give you a little glimpse into the magic of Lucie & Nina :)











Cutest. Pout. Ever…


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  1. kellie…you have outdone youself. i love this so much!

  2. Kellie!!!!!! I’m speechless! These are beyond any mother’s expectations. I can’t stop smiling and Lucie is in heaven looking at them! We love them…we love you!!! Oh crap, I need bigger walls!:)

  3. CUTE BABIES!! :)

  4. these are some really great pictures of my two adorable baby sisters.

  5. All I have to say is WOW!!!!! I take care of these precious little ones during the week and you captured their personalities perfectly! I can’t believe these photos!!!! They are absolutely adorable!!! I have heard so much about you Kellie, and I must say I am now a HUGE fan :)

  6. Oh my…look at those beautiful Andrews girls!

  7. So sweet–for sure more walls! The trio in black and white………oh my goodness! And the pouty one…is just perfect!

  8. I know that these are the 2 most beautiful girls in the world, and I am not kidding. Kellie, all of your pictures are beautiful but you have outdone yourself with these little girls. Granny Nancy and Aunt Betty love the little girls so much and you have captured the reason why.

  9. These pictures are adorable!! Such sweet little girls! Love the balloons!

  10. Awesome pictures! They are so adorable! Love the color…..

  11. Awesome! I love them! Kellie you are an awesome photographer.. and you had some really awesome subjects to work with!

  12. Kellie, These pics of my nieces are awesome!! They are such cuties and you capture that with each click!! Great work!!!!!!

  13. These photos are just terrific! Inspires me to do better with my own photography! Great job Kellie, Lucie and Nina! Fantastic photos!

  14. Yep those are my cousins and these photos are so awesome!!

  15. i love the styling…the cowboy boots, hats, balloons, outfits, down to the bracelets..perfection. perfect photos as well.

  16. beautiful girls! I love theses pictures. You wear those boots Lucie!

  17. Looking at these precious girls makes any day better! Can’t stop smiling. Kinda feel like grabbing a spoon so I can have a bite!!

  18. Love both of the girls, I have to try and get back down to see them again. Burke and Kym, you have 2 wonderful girls

  19. Daddy’s little angels are beautiful ! Kellie you are not just a great photographer, but you are able to turn a ordinary hay field into a beautiful canvas ! Thanks again !

  20. What beautiful little girls. I’m so proud of them. Kellie you did a perfect job of capturing those little faces and spirits. I love them so much.

  21. Where do your people find such adorable wardrobes?? That tiny cowgirl hat is a have-to-have for us Texans! Beautiful pics… as usual!

  22. In response to Mandy…the cowboy hat came from Old Navy in the infant department. The matching prairie dresses came from there as well.

  23. Kellie..what awesome pics again! Lucie and Nina look gorgeous, and one day when me and my husband have children, lord willin’, you will take our babies pics!!! Awesome!!

  24. They are wonderful! The girls and the pictures.

  25. awwww send that pic to the makers of those boots and they will use it trust me! great shot

  26. HOW PRECIOUS!!!!!!!

  27. Darling little girls!

  28. I’m in love with those darlings!

  29. I Love These Photos

  30. LOOOOVE the little cowgirl boots!!! the bright balloons are so fun too :0) cute, cute, CUTE!

  31. Love the pics, they are absolutely priceless.

  32. These are all AMAZING, but that first one is unreal! It looks like a little doll standing on someone’s head… That is an album cover!!!

  33. These two precious little ones are my great grandbabies and I think these pictures are the BEST

  34. These pictures thrill my heart

  35. O my goodness the girls look so adorable!!!!

  36. Gorgeous photos!! You have two little ones who are full of personality and are obviously well loved.

  37. What great pictures!


  39. These 2 are even cuter than you and your brothers were when you guys were little! And the photography is so cool!!

  40. Love these pictures, the lighting, the color, just everything. These are magazine worthy!

  41. Wow! Kellie is one amazing photographer. Of course she has a couple of REALLY cute subjects too!

  42. We love these pictures! They are beautiful children.

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