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If you’re a long-time follower of this blog, you’ll recognize these sweet faces. Max, Nino & Paolo wrote the book on fun, and mischief, and all of the wonder that childhood should be.¬†Four years of photographing this trio & each time I leave their session feeling that pit-of-your-stomach fire to live as big as possible. To love wildly…to drink in every single moment of life with uncontrollable giggles & dirt between your toes.

This family is as real as it gets. They laugh with abandon, chase adventure & love beyond words. Brian and Amy are raising kind-hearted, creative, wonderfully silly little boys & I adore our time together. They are so comfortable with me behind the lens, every time we work together the results are honest, true & unmistakably them. For our latest shoot, I took them to a favorite spot that my boys love. There’s something magic about this tree swing.

Here’s a little slice of life with Max, Nino, Paolo, Amy & Brian…

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  1. Absolutely perfect. This shows their wild silly love so perfectly… exactly as life with three boys should be. What a beautiful family.

  2. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!! Our zany life may be one big rollercoaster . . . but you always manage to catch us on the top. Amazing!!

  3. awwwwwweeeee Kellie—how sweet–totally sweet

  4. Absolutely Fantastic photo shoot!

  5. Amazing! Kellie you truly captured this family in your words and your art. thank you for this gift, your photos are a time capsule filled with love.

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