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Its been a tough month. At the first of October, we had an air-quality test for our home & the results were pretty scary. We had a pipe burst in a bathroom upstairs & as it turns out… it did more damage than we thought. At the time of the test, Noah was taking 5-6 breathing treatments a day, so we knew something HAD to be causing it. The results from the air quality test revealed we had been breathing in toxic mold unknowingly. NOT the best news for a family with an asthmatic child :( We had to abandon our home while the remediation crew tore out our walls & floors ( remember the movie “Outbreak” with Dustin Hoffman? yeah, it was like that..guys in white suits with masks..the whole nine yards.) Thankfully my parents live just a few miles away & had a completely vacant 2nd- story they could offer us. I have no idea where we would be without their help…so mom, dad, if you’re reading this…thank-you for putting up with our crazy schedules & the eaaarrrrly mornings… we love you and are so very lucky to have you in our lives. We owe ya one… ;)

So here we are a month later…3 weeks of which was spent living with my parents in the home I grew up in. It was interesting to say the least. The kids went to school in mismatched clothes & I think I wore the same jeans for at LEAST 2 of those weeks ( though anyone that knows me will tell you, I practically live in one of 3 pair ;) We spent a small fortune eating out & I have NO idea how I met all of our deadlines at the studios! A giant thank-you to my wonderful assistant Leah for surviving the massive number of sessions this month & helping to edit the galleries at mock speed. It has been the busiest month we’ve had here at KKP, so I was a little overwhelmed with not being able to access my home! To all of our sweet clients & friends who expressed concern via facebook & twitter…thank-you. We love every single one of you :)

I thought long & hard about blogging this. With the world in cyber-overdrive its hard to know where to draw the line to protect your family. But knowing what I know, I felt it was important to put this out there: if you’ve had water damage or even a small leak in your home–have it checked for toxins. Living with them can cause a whole host of medical problems..some worse than others. I was shocked to learn that its not NC law to perform a mold test during home inspections! Believe me..its worth it to know. Even if it just saves you the trouble of having to surrender your home to a remediation crew, its worth it. For us its so much bigger than the inconvenience of losing our home. It means a healthier life for our son, Noah. Every day without a breathing treatment is a big deal, and today he had NONE. I can only hope this trend continues :)

As the crew rounds the corner on the construction & we slowly start moving back into our home, I’m reminded how very lucky we are. Through all the inconvenience & battling with the insurance company, I kept reminding myself… we’re ok. We’re still together. We caught it before it got worse. We will get our house back eventually… and strangely enough, I was given the gift of some much needed perspective throughout this experience. My boys are a tremendous source of joy in my life & as much as I love our home, my studios & my business, everything I need is wrapped up in these 2 beautiful little souls. They didn’t complain a single time while we were living with my parents ( actually, I think they loved being with their Nanny & Grandaddy every day ;) and their smiles reminded me that life is wild… and unpredictable… and we’re just along for the ride. I’m just grateful that I have them, and my husband Mark to share every bumpy road with.

Noah slept though the first half of trick-or-treating yesterday, so I took Emery to a field across the street to let him channel his inner Wild Thing. I made their costumes this year ( well, everything except the Max pjs..those came from amazon.com!) They were a big hit throughout the neighborhood & the boys have worn their “tails” all day today :) Hope you all had a magical Halloween!!










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  1. More than precious!!! So cute x a billion!

  2. Just went back and read the story. Wow…that’s ridiculous. I’m so glad things are getting back to normal for you guys. That’s AWFUL!!!

  3. Kellie,

    Thank you for sharing your story and I am glad you caught it in time. I am sorry they had to tear your home home up but it is so wonderful that your boys took it in stride. These times do allow us to see what is truly important in our lives. Thank you for sharing. Your pics are always so wonderful.


  4. You’ve got two great looking boys there. I agree that times of trial and tribulation have a way of showing us the great things we have in life. I’m glad you guys caught the problem and it’s scary how many others might have that problem and never know it. Thanks for sharing your story and your pics especially since we know how busy you are…one mom and busy gal to another…big hugs and can’t wait to meet you :-D

  5. i love their costumes! so so cute!

    thanks for sharing about your home. it’s scary how something little can have such a big outcome. so glad you guys are okay and that you were able to get everything fixed before it was too late!

  6. Oh how I love and adore your children. You are correct they hold so much joy in their little bodies and I’m so lucky to be able to hang around and for them to share their joy with me. The costumes turned out amazing. I love the Emery Snickers face picture classic. Your children are amazing and I love them so very much. I spy a boo bucket hope they weren’t too hopped up on sugar all weekend. ;) Love you guys!

  7. they are beyond ridiculously cute.

  8. Hi Kellie, Did ya have to make me cry today??? THANK GOD you found the source. I’m sure it was/is so hectic for you. I feel relief for you! Pix are precious–they remind me a little of darker versions of Marky! Someday I will graduate to costume maker–you win first prize! Thanks for making me feel a little guilty! xoxoxo

  9. ps–We need to put the one of them hugging in the salon!

  10. Oh Kellie Kellie, i’m so sorry you have been going through all of this but I am so glad that everyone is better and that you are back in your home! Praying for you always! :D

  11. Unbelievably magnificent children and oh yes, the costumes are also terrific. Your father and I will always be here for you, Mark and the boys. That’s what a family is all about. I’m so proud of each one of you. Kellie you are so beautiful and strong and talented. Your children and your photography are an amazing gift to us. Thank you for Noah and Emery…they are the cutest wild thing and Max that I have ever seen!

  12. Thanks for the support everyone! I read the comments to the boys & they said I have the nicest blog friends EVER… :) So true!

  13. That’s a Halloween to remember. I know you’re glad your ordeal is finally over. Those two should’ve starred in the movie! Great shots.

  14. Oh my! Kellie I had no idea! You handle life with such grace that I never even knew! I hope things are getting back on track quickly for you! ps – those boys are absolutely ADORABLE! I would have given them ALL my candy if they had knocked on my door!

  15. Oh what a precious blog post. I hate that you had to go through all that but like you said its the crazy trials in our life that bring true perspective. What a wonderful Halloween. I can’t get enough of Emery and the cat pictures. He is quite the Wild Thing. Thanks for sharing these and I hope life is back to normal for you all now.

  16. These are so cute! I love your photos. I interned at the Greensboro News&Record over the summer and took some pictures of Mark for the paper, and he said to check out your website. I’ve recently started up my own little wedding photography business as well, but if you ever need a second shooter, I’d be happy to get some more experience.

  17. How did I miss this blog submission?! Those were fabulous costumes, it must be a good feeling to know that you have a fall back career in costume design ;) Give my nephews a big hug!

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